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Breaker keeps tripping?

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We handle all things
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Whole House Surge Protection in Haltom City, Texas

Safety for Your Electronics & Your Whole Home

Storms and power companies are both famous for causing electrical surges in Texas homes. With each electrical surge comes the chance of property damage. At Milestone, we care for Texas customers and work tirelessly to educate customers on the importance of whole house surge protection.


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Surge Protection

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Whole House Surge Protection is a Smart Investment

Milestone has many services and products that can benefit Texas customers and help protect their belongings from power surges. It is smart to invest in surge protection, as this is how you can protect your electronics from power surges.

Whole house surge protection is smart because it can protect electronic items that are in the process of charging in the event of a power surge. When a surge strikes, laptops, phones, and tablets that are charging are all at risk of being fried. Surge protectors also protect the following from electrical surges:

  • Appliances
  • Alarm clocks
  • Televisions
  • Radios
  • Lamps
  • Electric powered thermostats
  • Smart devices
  • Printers
  • Fax machines
  • Electric recliners

How Can Milestone Help?

Milestone is excited to help by providing the best surge protection services in the area. We use surge suppressors that are made of metal oxide varistors, known as MOVS, to protect your devices. These surge suppressors come in single and multiple MOV versions, and we are experts at identifying what type of surge protection you need in your home.

Traditionally surge protectors are good for one single surge. Some of the newer and stronger models allow for multiple surges. Smart homeowners should choose a surge protector that can handle multiple electrical surges, as power surges happen back to back. Devices made for multiple surges will last longer than single surge devices.

Insurance Does Not Cover Power Surges

Many Texas homeowners learn the hard way that insurance companies do not typically cover things like power surges. If a computer or electronic breaks from a power surge, a homeowner’s home insurance will not cover the replacement or repair of the broken item. This can leave a homeowner having to pay out of pocket for replacement items.

Because insurance does not cover damage from electrical surges, you need to take action to protect your belongings. It is smart to invest in whole house surge protection in Haltom City. Milestone specializes in this type of device and will happily go over the many benefits to whole house surge protection products with you.

Milestone Offers Surge Protector Warranties

Homeowners buying a surge protection product from Milestone know this is smart, as these devices can keep a power surge or electrical storm from wiping out all of the electronics in a home. You can rest easy during electrical storms knowing your electronics are protected. Milestone backs their products and services with a warranty.

Warranties will vary by product, but the warranty period can last from five to ten years. If a power surge damages a homeowner’s electronics, the warranty can help repair or replace the items. Milestone offers warranties that cover up to $25,000.00 in electronic damages from electrical and power surges.

Levels of Surge Protection at Milestone

There are three levels of protection available for Texas homeowners. If you are unsure which level of protection is needed for your home, you can give Milestone a call. Milestone is available to answer customer questions and go over the difference between the three levels of protection. The three levels available are panel protection, deluxe protection, and optimum protection:

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Panel Protection

Level one is panel protection. This surge protector is installed on the homeowner’s main breaker box. This device provides surge protection to both the inside and outside of the home and protects the home from electrical surges from the power company.

Deluxe Protection

The deluxe protection concentrates on the areas where sensitive electronics and appliances are plugged in. The second level of surge protection is for surges that occur during an electrical storm. Level two does not protect the entire home, only where the surge devices are.

Optimum Protection

Customers wanting the best of the best should go with level three for whole-house surge protection. Level three protects the home from both electric storm surges and surges from the power company. This type of protection offers the added benefit of energy savings and noise filtration. Level three is the highest quality of surge protection available from Milestone.

Superior Customer Service in Haltom City

From the first call to the end of the Technician’s visit, all customers are treated like royalty from start to finish. Milestone believes so strongly in offering superior customer service that we offer a 100% satisfaction Milestone Guarantee to all customers. If you are ready for whole-house surge protection in Haltom City, TX, should get the process started by giving the Milestone team a call.