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Best Practices for Keeping Your Drains Clean and Clear

One issue that we commonly face as homeowners is a clogged drain. Whether it is the sink, shower or toilet, we know that some clogs are simply unavoidable. Lucky for us, most plumbing issues can actually be prevented with just a few easy steps!

We recommend being proactive when it comes to your home's plumbing system. By taking preventative action, it will reduce the potential need for costly repairs and will save you thousands of dollars. We have provided some tips below that can help keep your pipes working like new for years to come. Avoid Disposing High Risk Items The best thing that you can do to prevent clogs in your drains is to avoid disposing of any non-waste items. You should try to avoid flushing those “flushable wipes", as they can clog pipes. A lot of items that are labeled “flushable” can actually get caught up in your pipes and cause severe damage.

Hair is another common culprit. While you may not intentionally flush hair, it can still find its way into your drains. Neglecting your shower drain can cause hair to be pushed deep into your plumbing network, causing clogs and possible pipe damage.

Food is another item that can deeply damage your drains. One of the worst offenders is grease. Grease has a soft and tacky texture that sticks to the inside of your pipes and makes it especially difficult to remove. Grease can clog your pipes on its own, but it often traps other types of debris too, creating a complete blockage. This also goes for solid foods. The less you can put down your drain the better, therefore try to clean off plates and pans before dumping leftover food into the drain to avoid clogging.

Schedule Regular Drain Cleaning One thing about drain clogs is that no matter how diligent you are, it is almost impossible to keep all grease and hair out of your pipes. Small amounts of grease will sneak into your plumbing system when you wash dishes and laundry, and hairs can still find their way down your shower drain too.

Therefore, in order to address these issues, we recommend regular drain cleaning every 18 to 24 months for the best results. During a Milestone drain cleaning, a technician will use a drain snake equipped with a camera to inspect your pipes. They will thoroughly clean all of your plumbing and remove any built-up debris.

Milestone Drain Cleaning Services If you are in need of affordable drain cleaning services then call Milestone today. We offer prompt, professional drain cleaning and other plumbing services to residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Contact us today and we will get your drains clean in no time!