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We handle all things plumbing for your home!

Lewisville’s Best Plumbers

Toilet running?

Leaking faucet?

We handle all things plumbing for your home!



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Water Heater Services in Lewisville, Texas

Providing Scorchingly Great Water!

You probably don’t give much thought to your water heater at all. Most water heaters are tucked away in a closet and are rarely seen or heard. That is, of course, until something goes wrong. Your water heater does more for your home than you might realize.

Those blissful showers that you love so much or the long soak in the bath on a Friday night that you can’t go without–these are all made possible by your water heater. Even the faucet you run to wash your hands is something that you may take for granted. You will know about it when something goes wrong, that’s for sure! Since you and your family rely on it so much, Milestone has developed services to ensure water heaters are always functioning as they should do. Our water heater installation service and our water heater replacement service are two of our most popular services.

If your water heater isn’t working as it should, or you’re moving into a new home, we want to hear from you. We have experts who know the ins and outs of tankless water heaters as well as electric tankless water heaters. In fact, we know everything there is to know about every single water heater. You can completely rely on Milestone to get your water heater functioning in tip-top condition.

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No Hot Water? Let Milestone Fix It For You!

If all you’re getting is cold water, there definitely is a problem. But Milestone doesn’t want it to become a problem for too long. If you live in Lewisville and are having problems with your water heater, we want to hear from you. It might be that you could benefit from our water heater installation service. We have a range of electric tankless water heaters that could serve as an excellent replacement.

Of course, you might not need our water heater replacement service. A simple repair might do the job. We will never attempt to sell you a service that you don’t need. We will only advise you what the best course of action is. We have a team of expert Plumbers ready to advise you on what you should be doing. If you’re moving into a new home, you could definitely benefit from our water heater installation service. Whatever your need for our services, we’re here to help you. We like to handle every single problem our customers throw at us! Our Plumbers have been through thousands of hours worth of training, so they know a thing or two about the heaters in your home.

Whether your heater is 20 years old or 2, we’ll be able to fix the problem for you. Just so you feel safe with Milestone coming into your home, we perform background checks on all the employees that we hire so we know exactly who is joining our team. We also like to know that your Plumbers are safe to work, so we perform hair follicle drug testing. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Hot Water At Your Disposal!

If you want to feel stress in the morning, try turning your faucet on and only getting freezing cold water! If there’s a big problem with your water heater, that’s exactly what you’ll get. There are more modern versions of water heaters, such as the electric tankless water heater, that we can install as part of our water heater installation service. If your water heater is well over 20 years old, it may be that it is time for a new one.

It is important to remember that no hot water isn’t the only sign of a problem. If you’re noticing your energy bills increasing, strange noises or smells, or inconsistent hot water flow, then there is probably a problem that Milestone will need to sort for you. If you live in Lewisville, we will be more than happy to come to your home and find the problem for you!

Did an excellent job of installing new lighting. Looks great and happy with the service....
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Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Gold Standard Customer Service

We like to be the best of the best at everything. That includes the way we treat our customers. All you have to do is look at our glowing reviews to see how well we do customer service. We have put a lot of time and effort into making our customers happy, and that’s why we have one of the best customer service reputations. We like to do everything we can to make our customers happy. That’s why if you’re not happy, we will do all we can do to put that right. This is our 100% satisfaction Milestone Guarantee, and we offer it with every service.

If you live in Lewisville and feel like you could benefit from our water heater installation or repair service, give us a call today!