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Lewisville’s Best Plumbers

Clogged toilet?
Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!

Lewisville’s Best Plumbers

Clogged toilet?

Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!



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Drain Cleaning in Lewisville, Texas

Making Sure Everything Flows Smoothly

A home’s drain pipes perform a crucial function: they remove wastewater safely. Most homeowners take their drainage systems for granted until there’s a problem, but proper maintenance will prevent most emergencies. Our Lewisville drain cleaning service will eliminate clogged sinks, toilet floods, and other drainage problems.


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Drain Cleaning

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Drain Cleaning Services

Milestone offers a range of drain maintenance and cleaning services to Lewisville’s homeowners. In the sections below, we’ll discuss some of our most common jobs. In addition to excellent customer service and quality drain cleaning, we offer our 100% satisfaction Milestone Guarantee so that you can be sure you are getting the best services. We won’t leave a job until you’re happy.

Drain Unclogging

Most of the area’s homeowners wait until there’s a blockage before they call a Plumber for help. Drains become clogged for numerous reasons, such as debris being washed into the pipes. A blocked drain may start to back up, which can be messy, smelly, and all-around unpleasant. Don’t try to resolve these issues yourself; call us to do it for you. Our plumbing Technicians can unblock the drain, prevent clogged sinks, and reduce the risk of toilet floods.

Toilet Unblocking Services

Toilet floods are some of the messiest and most inconvenient things a homeowner will ever experience. A toilet that’s blocked won’t flush, and it may back up into the home. Our Plumbers can unblock a clogged toilet and get it flushing again quickly.

Drainage System Installation

If you’re building a new home and need drains installed, or if you are replacing an old home’s ineffective or broken drains, Milestone’s Plumbers can help. Our drainage experts are skilled in drain installation, repair, and maintenance, and they can assess your home’s drains to determine the need for repair or replacement. We’ll install your new drainage system expertly, with no muss or fuss.

Drain Repair and Cleaning

If you’re dealing with problems such as clogged sinks and toilet floods, or if your drains are moving too slowly, it’s time to schedule drain cleaning and repairs. Our cleaning service can evaluate your situation and determine the best way to proceed. Milestone’s engineers specialize in drain cleaning and repair, and we’ll use high-pressure water jets and other tools to get things flowing.

Camera Drain Surveys

Some blockages are more severe, and these are often hard to locate and remove. Milestone’s drain cleaning experts can perform a camera drain survey to see exactly what’s going on with your home’s drainage system. Our local Plumbers will use video camera technology in your home’s plumbing, in hopes of finding blockages, clogs, and other issues.

Emergency Drainage Services

If you’re facing a plumbing or drainage issue that needs immediate attention, you can count on us for fast, efficient service. Our Plumbers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and our emergency hotline is always on. Call today and get service right away!

Michael was professional, knowledgeable and proficient. A great personality and great with suggestions. I will be calling Milestone again when I get some situations solved. Great service....
— Richard Lee

Commercial Drain Repair, Installation, and Cleaning Services

Of course, our drain cleaning services aren’t just for homeowners with clogged sinks and toilet floods; they’re also for business owners dealing with pipe problems. Whether it’s time for a drain cleaning, a new installation, or general maintenance, call Milestone and we’ll help you get things back on track.

Drain Mapping

If you’re adding square footage to your home, our Plumbers can map your drainage system. With our location services, we’ll ensure a smooth and efficient construction process.

Solving Greasy Problems

A primary cause of drain blockages is the grease that creates an oily buildup. Call Milestone’s drain cleaning pros if you are looking for help with pipes that are clogged with grease. Do not pour oil or grease down the drain after cooking, as it will likely solidify and create a clog. If it happens, though, one of our Plumbers can use a pressurized water jet to remove the greasy buildup.

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Drain Relining

Milestone’s Plumbers also provide drain relining services. Relining involves the installation of new drain linings, which are bonded to the insides of the existing pipes. Essentially, this creates a pipe within the pipe, and it keeps your home’s drain blockage-free and in good condition.

Milestone's Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services Are Always Available

If you’re in or around Lewisville and need a Plumber or drain cleaning service for your home or business, feel free to call the pros at Milestone. Our Technicians are available for drain cleaning, toilet floods, clogged sinks, pipe relining, installation, and emergency services.

We have thousands of satisfied customers, and we’d love to count you among them. Our employees are all drug tested and background checked, which means you can welcome them into your home with confidence. To learn more about our drain cleaning services or to book an appointment, click here or call Milestone today.