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Lewisville’s Best IAQ Technicians

Dust in your home?
Musty smell from air vents?

We handle all things indoor air quality for your home!

Lewisville’s Best IAQ Technicians

Dust in your home?

Musty smell from air vents?

We handle all things indoor air quality for your home!



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Professional Duct Cleaning Services in Lewisville, Texas

Cleaning The Little Things

The HVAC system that heats and cools your home in Lewisville has a complex maze of ductwork that runs throughout the walls. It might be easy to neglect the ducts since they’re inside the walls and out of sight. However, even if you think the air conditioner is running correctly, duct cleaning is one of the most important preventative maintenance services for any homeowner. In fact, ducts are like a magnet for things like dust, pollen, mold spores, dirt, and other microscopic particulates and pollutants. These dangerous contaminants not only reduce the overall air quality, but can harm your health, lungs, and breathing, too.

Here at Milestone, we want all of our friends and neighbors in Lewisville to breathe easily. We know how important it is to have exceptional air quality, which is why we only hire the best Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Technicians that are skilled and experienced when it comes to duct cleaning and vent replacement too. Another vital service we provide is AeroSeal cleaning, which helps scrub the air clean of those toxic and dangerous pollutants that affect health and wellness and make it harder to breathe.



Air Quality

Improve Your Air Quality

Lewisville's Premier Choice for HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical Work

At Milestone, we’re not just an HVAC company. We also provide plumbing and electrical work to our friends and neighbors here in Lewisville and several other Texas locations. That’s why our customers call us for any HVAC repair, replacement, or installation needs they have because they know we’re the one-stop-shop for fast and affordable service. In fact, every single one of our IAQ Technicians undergoes hundreds of hours of training in addition to their license. We also perform a mandatory background check and drug screen for each of our potential hires, so we can be sure they’re an excellent fit for the Milestone family. We also offer same-day service, so when an emergency happens, we’re just a phone call away from getting life back to normal again.

Benefits of Regular Duct Cleaning, Vent Replacement, and Filter Replacement

While many homeowners tend to take their HVAC systems for granted, they require regular maintenance to keep running in top condition, just like a vehicle. Although, instead of getting the oil changed, our techs will clean the ducts, seal any leaks, replace the necessary vents, and change out the filters. Those are incredibly important to keeping a home clean and safe. Here are the top benefits to scheduling regular duct cleaning, including:

  1. Extend the Lifespan of the Entire HVAC System

One of the best benefits of scheduling professional duct cleaning is extending the lifespan of the entire system. By performing inspections and preventative cleaning and maintenance, our techs can catch any problems before they progress further and cause more damage.

  1. Improved Air Quality

Another great advantage of duct cleaning is improved air quality in your home. Have you ever changed the filter on a window-unit AC? If so, you know how quickly they can accumulate dirt, debris, and other harmful particulates. The same principle applies to duct cleaning. Now that spring is here, the pollen is particularly bad and can be incredibly irritating for those with allergies. However, our HVAC Technicians will clean the ducts until they’re sparkling and carry clean, fresh air to every room in your home.

  1. Save Money

Did you know that an AC system with dirty air ducts and filters has to work much harder to provide the same amount of cool air as a system with clean ducts? This means seeing a slow but sure increase in the energy or power bill each month. Once our skilled IAQ Technicians remove all the dust and debris from the air duct coils, the system will operate much more efficiently while lowering the energy consumption rate.

  1. Eliminates Musty Odors

Is there an unexplainable musty odor to your home? If so, the cause could be dirty air ducts. That’s where we come in; our expert HVAC Technicians will clean out every bit of dust and dirt, seal every leak, and change the filters on the system to keep the air smelling fresh and clean.

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When it’s time to monitor HVAC system performance, call the experts at Milestone. Our skilled Technicians are ready and waiting to provide superior quality plumbing, HVAC, or electrical service to all of our customers in Lewisville. For fast, friendly, and affordable service, the experts at Milestone are the ones to call. We promise you’ll be happy with the professional work our friendly and talented Technicians complete-; that’s our customer service guarantee. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, and we won’t leave until we fix whatever’s wrong and you’re satisfied with our work. Call the Milestone IAQ experts today to learn more or schedule a consultation.