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Clogged toilet?
Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!

Lewisville’s Best Plumbers

Clogged toilet?

Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!



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Drain Repair in Lewisville, Texas

Doing The Drain Work For You

When water flows into your home, it must go somewhere. Once you finish using the water, it goes down the drain. A failure of the water to flow properly through the drains and pipes could bring about disaster. Clogged drains, however, remain a common problem, as they are used daily to carry many types of waste from the home. They become overworked, a clog develops, and water backs up into the plumbing fixture and possibly other parts of the home. Many homeowners reach for a chemical drain cleaner at this time, but doing so is a mistake. Instead, make a quick call to Milestone, and we will give you long-term results.


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Chemical Drain Cleaners and How They Work

Individuals find they have multiple options when it comes to drain cleaning products. They may select a liquid product, one in powder form, or many others. However, all chemical drain cleaners basically work the same. When a person pours this cleaner into the plumbing fixture, a chemical reaction occurs. The chemical comes into contact with the debris clogging the drain or pipe. When this happens, heat is generated, and this heat helps to break apart the clog. The individual then runs water through the drain or pipe to remove the small particles.

A Different Choice With Milestone

Chemical drain cleaners are simply not a healthy choice for your family or your pipes, instead, you can rely on our hydro jetting and auger services at Milestone. With our hydro jetting technology, we can blast debris, hair, grease, algae, bacteria, tree roots, and any other clogs out of your drains making them clean and free of sludge and odor causing bacteria. This is by far the best way to clean all of the drains in your home quickly and effectively without resorting to chemicals.

Our Plumbers have been extensively trained in hydro jetting, clog removal, and video camera inspection of your drains. We can quickly find any problems without having to disrupt your home or landscaping, and we can fix them with equal care. PVC pipes weaken when exposed to the cleaners while older pipes in homes, especially those that are frail or brittle, may fail when exposed to the cleaner. That’s why a homeowner should contact Milestone in Lewisville for help in resolving the situation.

Why Choose Milestone?

Milestone employs expert Plumbers, individuals with the training needed to address drain problems or any plumbing issue in the home. This provides you with confidence knowing your water will flow freely once again in very little time. Our Plumbers spend countless hours learning how to handle any plumbing problem that occurs within the pipes and drains in the home.

You can allow our employees into the home knowing you will remain safe and secure. Every person working for Milestone has undergone a background check and drug testing to protect customers and our company. You should always feel safe in your own home, and we take steps to ensure you can when you request our services. Furthermore, our Plumbers understand they need to resolve the problem quickly, so you can return to your normal routine with minimal disruption.

Steve was so knowledgeable and helpful. He was very thorough in his work. We really appreciate him coming out at 9 on a Sunday night and staying till we had power back...
— Julie Bartley

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Clearing the Clog Quickly

When a plumbing fixture in the home backs up, you may feel a sense of impending doom. You know quick action is needed and call for help. Milestone comes to the rescue for homeowners throughout Lewisville.

Our Plumbers arrive with the tools and skills needed to determine what the problem is and how best to resolve the situation. Throughout the process, the Plumber remains in communication with you so that you know what the problem is and how best to fix it. It’s your home and you need to remain informed at this time. Our Plumbers ensure you are.

Our Plumbers know that they must treat all family members with respect as they carry out the necessary work. Furthermore, every Milestone employee must do the same when interacting with our customers. We work for you, not the other way around. Every customer service agent undergoes training to be certain they can offer the highest level of support. In fact, we make certain every employee has the training to address any problem a customer may have, from clearing a drain to resolving a billing issue.

We guarantee a pleasant experience when you choose to hire us. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, please let us know. Once we learn there is an issue, we do everything we can to make things right. This is our 100% satisfaction Milestone Guarantee and we stand by it at all times. Call us today!