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AC Won’t Turn On? AC Not Cooling Your House?

There are several reasons why you can have difficulty with your air conditioner. The two most common concerns professionals hear from homeowners is that their AC won't turn on or that their cooling system isn't adequately cooling the home. These important problems could have a simple solution. Milestone has provided a list of a few simple things you can check to see if you can get your AC running again. Check Your Air Filter Typically, your HVAC system will need its filters replaced every 30 to 90 days. If this is not done, dirt, dust, and several other things can build up and clog your filter. This will prevent air from flowing all the way through. This will reduce your system's lifespan and decrease cooling efficiency. Check Your Thermostat The first thing you should do if you are having problems with your AC is to check the thermostat. Some thermostats have different switches to turn on your cooling and heating systems. Others may be pre-programmed to turn on and off at certain times. Make sure your programing is adjusted to your liking and check that the proper switch or button is activated on your system.

Check Your Power Supply Sometimes, if your AC won't turn on, it is as easy as checking your circuit breaker. Oftentimes, there is a chance that your breaker may have been tripped. This is usually due to a power surge.

Look for Leaks If you are having problems with your AC, be consistently looking for water pooling at the base of your system. If you notice any leaks in that area, there is a good chance your system has a problem. There is a possibility it is just condensation, but more likely it's a leak in your coolant. This is a more serious problem and will require calling a professional.

Milestone Does Tune-Ups
The best way to keep your home's cooling system working all summer is to have a technician come to your home to perform an AC tune-up. It's best to get The Milestone Tune-Up during the spring, before you turn your system on for the season. That way, if something's changed over the winter, you won't cause permanent damage to your equipment. Milestone has expert technicians that will supply you with all your HVAC needs while upholding our five customer guarantees.