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Clogged toilet?
Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!

University Park’s Best Plumbers

Clogged toilet?

Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!



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Sewer Line Repair and Replacement in University Park, Texas

Fixing The Dirty, So You Don’t Worry

Gone are the days when raw sewage remained in the streets, making people ill. Today, when a person flushes the toilet, the sewage makes its way through wastewater lines to the municipal line, which then carries it away. If the sewer system isn’t functioning properly, your health could be at risk. Raw sewage also puts surface and groundwater at risk of contamination, and pets and wildlife could become ill when they come into contact with the sewage.

A municipal sewage system protects homes and families by moving wastewater away from the home and its contents. This includes the foundation, walls, floors, and more. Milestone assists families when their sewer lines stop functioning and will do the same for you. We will resolve a sewage blockage or handle sewer line repair and replacement when needed in University Park. Call us today.


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Sewer Line Repairs in University Park

When problems arise with a sewer system, any plumber won’t do. This problem calls for the experts, and these experts work at Milestone. We will resolve a clog in the drain or thaw the pipes. Our plumbers undergo training to deal with any issue that arises with a plumbing or sewer system.

Some sewer problems take little time and effort to resolve. However, others require more intervention. Our Milestone team consists of highly qualified professionals who possess the tools and skills needed to do the job right. Schedule your appointment today and we will show you how we differ from our competitors.

We offer same-day appointment availability and have plumbers available at all hours for emergency calls. When you have a sewer problem, we’ll fix it in a flash.

Milestone Drain Repairs

Drainage issues frustrate many homeowners. They think they have fixed the problem only to have the drain stop up again. The average person lacks knowledge of how these systems work, but they don’t need to. We are here to help. Once we assess the situation, we offer solutions. Whether this involves a simple repair or complete sewer line replacement, our team will tackle the job quickly.

People often hesitate to call a plumber when they have what appears to be a trivial issue. However, minor problems often extend deep into the sewer system. If you don’t address the problem quickly, it could affect other parts of the sewer system. When should you call a plumber for help?

Slow-Moving Drains

Drains rarely stop up overnight. The clog builds over time, and this makes it easy for you to overlook how bad the problem is. However, a drain clog won’t resolve on its own. A blockage in the pipe, oil and chemical buildup in the pipes, and poor system grading could all lead to a slow-moving drain.

Act quickly when you notice it takes longer for water to drain in one or more fixtures in the home. Doing so helps to keep repair costs to a minimum and leads to less downtime for the home. Milestone will fix the problem right away.

Armando of Milestone did an excellent job diagnosing the issue with our A/C unit and getting the part replaced. He applied the manufacturer warranty and applicable Milestone credits earned from previo...
— Keith Johnson

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Unpleasant Odors

When you walk into the home, you may notice an unpleasant smell and wonder where it originates. However, sewer problems often remain hidden for a period. They don’t make themselves obvious until the problem has been developing for some time. If you notice any unusual smell coming from a drain in the home, a drainage problem might be to blame.

Sediment buildup serves as another source of unpleasant odors in the home. When someone pours grease down a drain, it builds up in the pipes and very few things can remove it. Expert drain cleaning becomes necessary at this time.

Repeat Clogs

Drains in the home collect things other than water. Hair and soap often appear in the drains in the home. As people typically use these items in the bathroom, drains frequently clog in this room.

The hair and soap scum make their way through the pipes until they no longer can. Thanks to their location, homeowners often find they cannot remove the clog. Don’t worry. Our Milestone plumbers will clear the blockage so wastewater exits the home properly.

When multiple drains in the home stop working, assume the problem lies in the main drainage system. As the blockage is deep within the system, call Milestone. Our team knows how to handle deep-system clogs to prevent problems in the future.

Other things may go wrong with a drainage system. When the system is no longer functioning properly, call us. We address the problem before it does damage to the home. You’ll save money by not delaying the repairs.

What Makes Us Different

We help homeowners in University Park with sewer line repairs and replacement. Our team knows how to address any problem that arises with the sewage system. Count on us to do the job right.

In fact, we are proud of the work we do and every job comes backed by The Milestone Promise. We continue working until you are satisfied with the results. Call us today to schedule your appointment.