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University Park’s Best IAQ Technicians

Dust in your home?
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We handle all things indoor air quality for your home!

University Park’s Best IAQ Technicians

Dust in your home?

Musty smell from air vents?

We handle all things indoor air quality for your home!



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Attic Insulation Services in University Park, Texas

Ensuring Your Home Stays In Good Condition

Texas saw a heatwave in 2021, one that made many people realize they needed to do more to cool their homes efficiently. People know this state for its hot summers and wonder how someone can stay cool when the temperature rises. They do so by staying in the home as much as possible. However, when the home doesn’t cool efficiently, they can’t enjoy it. The HVAC system can’t do this alone. It needs help, and attic insulation and a radiant barrier provide this help.

Attic insulation ensures cool air in the home doesn’t escape outdoors. When it remains in the residence, energy bills drop. Milestone employs Indoor Air Quality technicians trained in complete attic insulation services. They will visit a home in University Park and assess the situation. The technician will then remove the old insulation and install new, ensuring the R-value is appropriate for the home. Doing so ensures the home runs optimally.


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With so many things to monitor in the home, you may not give your attic much thought. It’s a great place to store things until the family needs them, but this area does much more than hold unneeded items. It helps regulate the temperature within the home to keep the interior comfortable regardless of what the weather is like outside.

Attic insulation and a radiant barrier make this task much easier. Our Milestone IAQ technicians understand what is involved in regulating the temperature and will make recommendations on improvements to the home in University Park. The training and on-the-job experience these individuals have become of significant benefit when completing this task.

Every tech working for Milestone undergoes a drug test and background check before we hire them. Our customers want to feel safe when we come to the home, and these measures allow them to be comfortable as we complete the attic insulation services.

Proactive Measures

Homeowners want their houses to be energy efficient. Nobody enjoys spending more than necessary to cool the home. The HVAC system works hard to keep the interior temperature comfortable, but it needs help. Ensure this cool air remains in the home with the help of attic insulation. With a properly insulated attic, the air conditioner won’t need to work as hard. Not only does this keep energy bills down, but it also reduces wear and tear on the HVAC unit. As a result, the unit lasts longer.

The radiant barrier protects the home from the sun’s heat. It does so by reflecting this heat and keeping the home cooler. Milestone puts customer service and satisfaction first. We live in the area and know how warm homes can get when they lack the proper insulation or a radiant barrier. We want every customer to be as comfortable in their homes as we are in ours.

Call us today to learn more about our attic insulation and radiant barrier services. We’ll inspect the attic and determine what it needs in terms of these services. The solutions we provide will be effective and energy-efficient.

Homeowners don’t realize attic insulation also benefits them during the winter months. Just as cool air can escape the home during the summer months when the attic lacks the proper insulation, warm air will escape during the winter months. Protect the home all year and help the HVAC system run optimally with the help of our services.

Texans learned in 2021 just how cold it can get. Attic insulation will help protect the home if something like that weather event happens again. Although these events are rare, every homeowner in the state must prepare for any type of weather to protect the home.

I had a dedicated outdoor outlet for a hot tub installed as well as an outdoor double outlet for lighting. Very happy with the service. They did a great job and it looks all nice and professionally do...
— Deborah Morales

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Attic Insulation Services Near University Park

Homeowners who choose to work with Milestone in University Park find they receive many benefits above and beyond the outstanding workmanship. Our technicians guide each customer through the process of making the home more energy-efficient.

When you contact us about these services, our representatives will serve you with outstanding care and attention. They answer questions you have and provide a no-cost estimate for the project.

Our Milestone Promise ensures your satisfaction. Our employees must remain on the job until you are completely happy with the work they have done. We want the best for our homes and understand you want the same for yours. The best is what we provide.

We want your experience with us to be excellent in every way as we work to transform the efficiency of the home. Call us for any attic insulation project regardless of size. We are here to help you and all residents of University Park.