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University Park’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?
Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!

University Park’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!



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Electrical Inspection in University Park, Texas

Ensuring Accurate Electricity Flow

Homeowners often forget to have an electrical inspection done in their homes, but an expert needs to complete this task regularly. This holds true for all homes but especially those that are older or undergoing renovations.

At a homeowner’s request, our electrician comes to the home and complete this electrical inspection. The technician checks the light bulbs, GFCI outlets, smoke detectors, and appliance connections to make certain everything works as intended and the energy flows safely and efficiently. When this process is complete, everyone living in the home feels confident they can use the system without worry. They know the circuits and electrical outlets function as intended.


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When to Expect During an Electrical Inspection in University Park

When a Milestone electrician completes an electrical inspection, they follow a detailed checklist to ensure they don’t overlook anything. This thoroughness guarantees the home remains protected from a disaster resulting from an electrical issue. This inspection often finds minor fire safety issues, such as ungrounded outlets.

Upon completion of the Milestone inspection, the electrician provides the homeowner with an official written report. This report outlines all problems found in the home and the repairs needed to correct them. In addition, the report provides information on how to make the home more energy-efficient. With this information, you can determine how to proceed with the repairs and any desired energy upgrades.

We answer questions related to this report. It’s important to know why you need the repairs and how energy-efficient upgrades will benefit the home. Once you feel comfortable with the information provided, we schedule the repairs.

Expert Electricians Providing High-Quality Work

Every electrician working for Milestone provides an electrical inspection upon request. Working with us allows you to feel confident a qualified professional will handle the inspection.

Our Milestone electricians spend countless hours training to handle any electrical problem that arises. They don’t overlook any detail during this inspection. Smoke detectors in the home undergo tests to ensure they are operating properly, and the electrician checks the circuit sizing to make certain it can handle the load of the major appliances in the home. In addition, the electrician examines the GFCI outlets and surge protectors.

This thorough inspection provides you with peace of mind. Upon completion of the inspection, we lay any concerns regarding the flow of electricity in the home to rest.

Safety Serves as the Top Priority

People should feel safe in their homes. When there is a problem with the electrical system, it is hard to feel safe. When the Milestone electrician completes the inspection and shares the results, they remain available to answer questions.

We train every Milestone technician to handle all electrical problems. In addition, we require them to submit to random drug tests and a background check. We want our customers to feel comfortable during the electrical inspection or anytime a member of our team enters the home.

Our rigorous hiring process ensures our customers remain safe. Every time we walk through a customer’s door, that person can know the individual possesses the training, knowledge, and tools needed to do the job right.

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The Milestone Promise

Electrical companies typically offer a guarantee on their work, and we are no exception. However, our promise goes above and beyond what the competitors offer.

When a person chooses us, they know they are getting top-quality work and a satisfaction guarantee known as The Milestone Promise.

Besides prompt service and same-day appointment availability, our customers benefit from transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Furthermore, our customers have the final say regarding any updates and repairs done to their homes.

Trustworthy Electricians

Every person needs to know how an electrical panel works, which energy-efficient fixtures and devices are best for their home, and what smoke detectors provide the highest level of protection. As the average person has little knowledge of electrical systems, they need help. Milestone employs experts who assist you with making decisions regarding the electrical system in the home.

We walk you through the process and answer your questions. It’s your home, so you need to know what it requires in terms of the electrical system to keep the house and the family safe.

Schedule an electrical inspection today, particularly if we have not done this inspection before. Our customer service representatives will get you on the schedule, so you have peace of mind knowing the system is working and intended.

Our customers remain our top priority. If you have any problems, let us know. We’ll make things right. Call Milestone in University Park to set up your electrical inspection today. Homeowners who work with us know they are getting the best inspection around.