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Electric Car Charger Installation in University Park, Texas

Providing Power to Your Electric Vehicle

It’s very frustrating when you have to wait in line at the gas station to fill up your car. Avoid this problem by making the move to an electric vehicle. However, as these vehicles continue to increase in popularity, you may find you must wait in line to charge the car at a public charging station. Fortunately, avoiding this problem is easy.

A person cannot install a gas pump at their home to have gas whenever they need it. A person who owns an electric vehicle, however, can request an electric car charger installation at their residence. Men and women who do so find they spend less time charging the vehicle and more time driving it. They aren’t restricted in terms of how many miles they can go because of a less-than-full charge.

If you are tired of spending hours or days waiting for your car to charge when using a standard 120-volt outlet, contact Milestone. We offer EV car charger installation so you can charge the car in a fraction of the time and not wait in line to do so.


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Milestone Electric Car Charger Installation

Milestone has been offering residents in Texas top-quality EV car charger installations for several years. We can do so thanks to our highly trained and experienced team of electricians. They tackle all types of electrical work.

Every person working for our company maintains the appropriate license and certification to ensure customers receive top-notch service. Milestone remains dedicated to providing customers with honest and transparent pricing, and we will provide you with a quote on the EV car charger installation.

Why Install a Home Electric Vehicle Car Charger?

Charging an electric vehicle with a standard household outlet takes forever. In fact, if the car battery is dead, it could be days before the car fully charges.

One option involves charging the vehicle overnight and taking it out the next day on a partial charge. However, in most cases, don’t expect to go over 50 miles. The car won’t make it any farther without needing to be recharged.

Work with Milestone to install a Level 2 electric car charger in the home. Doing so cuts the charge time significantly, as these chargers work at 240 volts. With this charger, you can go further with your car.

Choose between two Level 2 charger options and determine which rating you need. The ratings range from 12 amps up to 48 amps. A 16-amp Level 2 charger, for example, reduces the time needed to charge the vehicle by half. Upgrade to a 40-amp Level 2 charger and charge the vehicle in one-sixth the time it would take with the standard household outlet.

With EV car charger installation, managing the vehicle’s charging process becomes easier. For added convenience, adjust the current or monitor the charge with the help of a mobile app.

Once the electric car charger installation is complete, you won’t need to rely on a public charging station or limit where you go with the electric car. Thanks to Milestone and this charger installation, you’ll be free to roam once again.

The Right Circuit

The electric car charger installation uses the electrical panel in the home, and this panel must have the capacity to supply the level of current necessary for the charger. When the panel lacks this capacity, the vehicle won’t charge properly. In addition, the circuit breaker may trip regularly.

To overcome this, speak with Milestone about upgrading the electric panel to accommodate a Level 2 charger. We’ll help you determine whether this is the best option or if a smaller Level 2 charger will suffice.

We want every customer to be satisfied when our work is done, which is why we offer all options when it comes to EV car charger installations.

Very good first visit. Happy with the initial diagnostics by the technician (Oliver) and looking forward to follow up work....
— Vinay Pullukuri

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Installing an EV Car Charger Near University Park

Milestone ensures the new electric vehicle charger is operating properly regardless of what is needed as part of the installation process. We handle the charger installation, electric panel upgrades, the installation of a new outlet, or whatever is required to ensure the charger operates as intended.

A vehicle is important today, and we want your electric vehicle to operate when you need it. We guarantee customer satisfaction with our Milestone Promise and serve as the premier resource for electric car charger installation in University Park. Our customers know we will help them find the right charger for their needs and vehicle.

Call Milestone today to schedule your installation or request a quote for EV charger installation in University Park.