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Water Quality Services in University Park, Texas

Water Filtration Solutions From Milestone

While it’s true that all the water coming from municipal supplies has been cleaned and treated, that doesn’t mean it’s still as fresh as can be by the time it comes out of the home’s faucets. Usually, drinking water picks up small contaminants from the municipal water lines on its way to the taps. 

If you want to guarantee access to fresh, clean water, it’s time to look into a water filtration system. Because it will eliminate the need for bottled water, installing a filtration system in University Park can help both your budget and the environment.


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At Milestone, we believe that every family in University Park deserves to have access to fresh, clean water. If you have concerns about water quality, then so do we. Give us a call and we’ll send a Technician out to test your tap water and recommend appropriate solutions.

Testing your water first gives us a better idea of not just what types of contaminants it contains but also hardness levels. In some cases, a water softener may be a better fit for meeting your family’s needs.

Once we figure out what solution is right for you and install a new water filtration system, we’ll test the water again. That way, you’ll know for sure that the water flowing from the taps really is clean.

The water quality experts at Milestone are here to help with all of your home’s water treatment needs. Whether you need a new water softener or filtration system or maintenance and repairs on an existing one, Milestone’s team of water quality experts can handle it all.

One of the best parts about working with Milestone is that each of our Technicians is guaranteed to be fully licensed and rigorously vetted. We background check and drug screen all our new hires before sending them out on a single job.

There’s a good reason we perform comprehensive water quality testing instead of just looking for common contaminants. There are many factors that contribute to a home’s water quality, and we can install two different systems that target disparate needs.

A water filtration system removes chemical contaminants. If you have well water, think of water filters as a necessity, not a luxury. Otherwise, give us a call if you’ve noticed an “off” taste or smell coming from your water. Our water filtration systems will remove not just potentially dangerous chemicals but also metals, salts, and sulfur to improve the taste of your tap water.

A water softener system removes minerals from your tap water. While it’s true that hard water with excessive concentrations of minerals is safe to drink, it’s not good for your skin. If you’ve noticed frequent dry skin and irritation, the home might have hard water.

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It’s not just your skin that suffers from hard water. Excess magnesium and calcium can also leave behind a residue when you wash dishes, do the laundry, or just turn on a faucet. Installing a whole-home water softener can help to keep your dishes and clothing clean and your plumbing fixtures in good condition.

When you work with Milestone, choosing between water softener and water filtration systems is easy. Our water quality technicians will test your water and then offer expert opinions about what the best option will be for your unique situation. 

If the water is hard but has no contaminants, a water softener system will be the best fit. If we find contaminants, you’ll need a water filter. There’s no way to know for sure until after we’ve performed comprehensive water quality tests.

If you’ve worked with other local plumbers in the past and have been disappointed, know that at Milestone, we do things a little differently. We offer The Milestone Promise, which guarantees that our Technicians won’t call the job done until you’re 100% satisfied – or your money back. No other company in University Park can offer that level of guarantee.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for water softener services in University Park, TX, or you want a whole new water filtration system installed. Milestone’s expert water quality Technicians are here to help. You can schedule an installation or a service visit for maintenance and repairs by reaching out to one of our local Team Members today.