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Water Quality Services in Allen, Texas

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While most people think of water quality mostly in terms of how their water tastes and looks, they may not think about the deeper consequences related to the things in their water that affect its taste and appearance. While some things dissolved in water only lend it an unpleasant taste or smell, others can have great effects on the comfort and health of your family.

Milestone is ready to help you enjoy every glass with the knowledge it will taste and look great and be good for you and your family. From advanced filtration systems and quality checks to water softening services, our experienced plumbing Technicians can do it all.


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Reasons to Request Water Quality Services

There are many reasons you could be dissatisfied with or concerned about your home’s water supply. These concerns could include:

  • Water from the tap smells bad
  • Water is cloudy or colored
  • Water has an odd taste
  • Water leaves residue on surfaces like shower, sinks, and toilets
  • Water leaves residue on skin and hair

If you’re dealing with any of these problems, give Milestone a call so we can start working with you to find the right solutions. Our plumbing Technicians receive extensive training that allows them to test your water for impurities, determine any health risks associated with impurities in your water, and recommend the best purification systems to address any concerns you have.

Water Softeners From Milestone

Whether water is hard has to do with geography, and hard water is common throughout Texas. When people talk about hard water, they’re talking about water that contains dissolved calcium and magnesium as well as other minerals. These elements can cause all kinds of issues when unconditioned water is used in a home, including:

  • Cloudy residue on dishes and bathroom surfaces
  • A feeling like soap and shampoo are not rinsing fully off skin and hair
  • A need to use more soap and detergent to get things clean
  • Mineral buildup inside pipes and machines like dishwashers and laundry machines that use water

If you are tired of having to clean mineral deposits from your fixtures, sinks, and tubs, our team at Milestone is excited to be able to offer you water softener services. Our services will not only allow you to keep your house clean and sparkling easier, but you will also be able to enjoy refreshing and delicious drinking water straight from the tap.

Once again, Milestone Electric did a great job on our HVAC units. Simon was our technician, and he is Very professional at all phases in solving our AC issues....
— Don O'Brien

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