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We handle all things plumbing for your home!

Allen’s Best Plumbers

Toilet running?

Leaking faucet?

We handle all things plumbing for your home!


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Sump Pump Services in Allen, Texas

Protecting You When You Need It Most

When you buy a house, you suddenly become responsible for an array of things. There’s much more to this than simply paying the bills. Outdoor maintenance and landscaping, your roof, gutters, electrical systems, HVAC, and plumbing are all things that you have to stay on top of. In some cases, you know right away when something goes wrong. Then there are the important functions that work behind the scenes that are easy to forget.

Your sump pump is one of these components. Normally, it works without issue. In fact, you may not even know you have one. Unfortunately, when this important piece of equipment stops working, you are faced with real trouble. That’s why we’ve got a team of skilled Plumbers to troubleshoot and fix sump pump issues. We are qualified to take care of your sump pump installation today!


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Service Technicians, You Can Trust

Sump pumps can be a lot of responsibility to take on. That’s why we work very hard to ensure that only the best-qualified people join the Milestone team. We recruit and hire proven professionals who are highly capable when it comes to maintaining the various systems in your home.

The Plumbers who work for us complete thousands of hours of training in order to master all aspects of their trade. We also insist on conducting pre-employment drug screening and background checks on every member of our team. We know how important it is to feel safe when anyone comes into your home to do work. Hopefully, by taking these steps, you will feel comfortable any time a Milestone Plumber comes to your home.

Your Sump Pump Protects Your Home

You may wonder exactly what your sump pump does, and why it’s so important. Your sump pump sits in a pit in your crawl space. As groundwater accumulates, it funnels into the sump pit. When the sump pit fills, a pressure sensor or float triggers the pump to come on. The excess water is pumped out into the sewer system, or somewhere away from your home. If your pump works correctly, it can prevent flooding, and damage to your home’s foundation.

Does Your Home Need a Sump Pump?

What if your home doesn’t have a sump pump? You might not need one, but if any of the following apply, it may be time for Milestone sump pump installation:

  • Flooding or Damp Floors And Walls
  • Mold or Mildew Odors
  • Your Home Sits in A Valley
  • Excessive Rain or Snow on a Regular Basis
  • Close Neighbors Mention Water Issues
  • Your Soil Stays Damp For Long Periods of Time

Milestone will be happy to send out a Plumber to review your situation. We may recommend a new installation, or suggest another solution. Then, we will proceed based on your decision. No pressure! We simply provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice.

Had the fall HVAC service and Andre was amazing. Shared great information and answered all our questions. AND... he's only been there a few months. Well informed and very personable!...
— Clint Bailey

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Our Sump Pump Repair Services

Your pump does its job tirelessly and quietly, when things are going well. It simply waits until it needs to kick on and get rid of extra water. If your pump stops working, begins to make noises, or simply doesn’t work as efficiently as it should, give us a call! Our Plumbers will service your sump pump so that it continues working as it should. They are also able to perform replacements or new installations.

Our team will never push you into making a purchase that you are unsure about. Your service Technician will be happy to explain the entire repair process to you. If something happens to go wrong, they’ll disclose that fully, then work with you to find a solution that meets your needs. Please feel free to ask them any questions. If you prefer, you may also call our office directly. We’re happy to help out as well.

Pumping Out Top Tier Customer Service

We proudly offer a 100% Milestone Promise. This is a promise that we take seriously. Our goal is to ensure that you are completely happy with the job when your service provider is finished. However, that’s only one part of your interaction with us. Please know that you will be treated with professionalism and courtesy, every step of the way.

Our Plumbers and customer service reps must adhere to the highest possible standards. Even our website was designed to provide you with a helpful, streamlined customer experience. Again, please contact us if you are not completely satisfied. We’ll work until any issues are resolved.

The Milestone Promise

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We have more positive reviews than any other company in the Metroplex because we promise 100% satisfaction. You will get your money back if you are not satisfied!

Apples to Apples – Our Price Match Guarantee

If you find a company that offers a lower price on the same material, scope of work, insurance, warranty agreement, and BBB status, we will beat it by $100!