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Allen’s Best Plumbers

Toilet running?
Leaking faucet?

We handle all things plumbing for your home!

Allen’s Best Plumbers

Toilet running?

Leaking faucet?

We handle all things plumbing for your home!


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Leaking Faucet Repair in Allen, Texas

Stop Being Sneaky! Stop That Leaky (Faucet)!

A leaky faucet is the last thing you need to deal with. Life is stressful enough, so coming home to listen to the constant dripping from a leaky faucet might just tip you over the edge. It is one of the most common plumbing problems a home can face, and it can be so easy to fix. Did you know that it’s one of the most ignored plumbing issues there is.

While you may be tempted to simply let the faucet leak, a leaking faucet can easily turn into a bigger problem if left alone. What might initially seem like a really easy fix can turn into a nightmare to solve. The sooner you call Milestone, the better. Don’t be fooled; it might not be as easy as tightening a screw!

At Milestone, we have a team of professionally trained Plumbers who know exactly what to do to get the problem solved for you. Our Plumbers know every single thing there is to know about faucets, especially how to fix a leaky faucet. They can efficiently detect a problem and find out what the best course of action is for you. You’ll no longer have to listen to that annoying dripping sound! You can relax in the comfort of your own home but in silence.

Faucet Leaking?


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Faucet Leaking? Get $59 Off

Give Milestone's Experts A Call

No matter what the plumbing issue is, we want to hear from you. Sometimes you’ll need the help of professionals like those at Milestone, to do the job for you. You might not have the tools or the experience to get the job done right. That’s where our team of expertly trained Plumbers comes into play.

We have a team of Plumbers who are at your beck and call, all you have to do is give us a call! Leaking faucets are no match for our team. All of our Plumbers have gone through the necessary training, which is thousands of hours of both theory and practical work. We also take the time to ensure we hire the best of the best, and that doesn’t mean just being skilled at their job. We perform random drug testing by taking a hair follicle sample upon employment.

To be extra sure, we also take a sample at random. We also like to perform an extensive background check before our employees come onboard. We really do hire the best of the best! Our Plumbers will take the time to work alongside you to come up with the best, most cost-effective solution that they possibly can. Since a leaking faucet is a problem that can get far worse if left alone, give one of our friendly team a call today!

Don't Let The Leak Beat You!

Not only is a leaking faucet annoying to listen to, but it can also increase your water bill slightly. Bills are already expensive as it is, you don’t need to add to them! A leaking faucet is also an indication that there could be a problem deeper within the system, and that’s where part of the expense comes in. If there are additional problems within your plumbing system, it may be harder to repair than a simple leaking faucet.

Fear not, Milestone is here to save your day. Whether it is a simple leaking faucet or a fault further down the line, our team will efficiently diagnose and solve the problem for you. Our Plumbers understand the ins and outs of your plumbing network and how to ensure it’s functioning as it should do. No problem is a match for our team! When we do find the problem, our Plumbers can discuss the best course of action for you. Remember, the sooner you contact our team, the better!

Bobby was very knowledgeable, polite and professional. Great experience !...
— Lori Sullivan Antolovic

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The Best Customer Service in Town

If you want the best customer service, Milestone is the company to call. We love our customers, and we do all we can to ensure they’re happy with your service. So much so that if you are not happy, we will do all we can to change that. From the moment you give us a call, you’ll see that your level of customer service is a cut above the rest. We take the time to ensure our customers feel happy and content with the information and services we provide. Give Milestone a call today, and you’ll see why we’re so different!

The Milestone Promise

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed – Or Your Money Back

We have the best reviews in the Metroplex because we won’t stop working until our customers are 100% satisfied with our service.

Price Match Guarantee

Not only will we match the price you get from another company. We will beat it by $100, provided that it is the same material, scope of work, insurance, warranty agreement, and BBB status.