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Toilet running?
Leaking faucet?

We handle all things plumbing for your home!

Allen’s Best Plumbers

Toilet running?

Leaking faucet?

We handle all things plumbing for your home!


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Water Line Services in Allen, Texas

Keeping The Water Flowing

Water comes at the top of the list of necessities in your life. Not just for drinking, but for everything else that you do with it as well. If you think about it, water controls your life. You wouldn’t be able to wash up, make dinner, have a shower, or wash your clothes. Water controls nearly everything that you do within your home. At Milestone, we understand how important running water is to your home, and that is why we have developed our water lines service.

Water lines are a network of pipes that supply water to your home, so they are a pretty big deal. These water lines are found deep under your home, so deep that they can’t freeze. A frozen water line would cause a big problem. Past winters have shown that a freezing pipe is a real possibility. Since we know how important running water is to you and your family, we also offer a same-day service guarantee if you give one of our team a call before 10 am.

We will be out in a flash to solve the problem for you. Our Plumbers are total experts at water line maintenance, so in the hands of Milestone, you will never have to worry. If there is ever a time when your water is not running as it should do, give Milestone a call. You will often notice warning signs before the water stops flowing altogether, so don’t wait for that to happen before you contact us. Our Plumbers are experts when it comes to water lines that run from Allens main water supply.


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The Best Plumbers in Town.

The Plumbers that we hire at Milestone are more than just staff members to us; they are part of the Milestone family. You can rest assured that at Milestone, we take our time to hire only the best of the best. We don’t rush our recruitment process. We take the time to get to know the person and understand how they will fit into our team. All of the Plumbers have gone through the necessary hours of training.

That training includes both theory and practical. All of our Plumbers are certified experts, especially in water line maintenance. We like to make sure we know who we are hiring, and that is why we carry out background checks to make sure every person we are hiring is the best of the best. We also carry out hair follicle drug testing to ensure our Plumbers are safe to work. You won’t get more peace of mind than that.

Water Problems? Call Milestone.

If you have ever wondered where your water comes from, let us explain it to you. Your home is connected to the city’s main water supply, wherever you may be. There is one main water line that runs directly from your home to the city’s main water supply. That water line ensures water flows to your shower, your washing machine, your outdoor house, and the list could go on. But we think you get the picture. If there is even the slightest problem with that water line, you’re going to know about it. Most water line problems occur due to poor installation, the age of the waterline, or damage due to weather conditions.

We Are Your Neighborhood Plumbing Experts

As we mentioned, the lines are often buried so deep that the chance of damage due to the weather is low, but it does still happen. We know that maintaining your water line is a massive responsibility, mainly because you won’t have a clue how to do it. That is why we have developed our water line maintenance and repair services so that it is something you never have to worry about. Our Plumbers know all there is to know about your water lines and how to make sure they are functioning as they should.

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The Best Customer Service in Town

Milestone takes pride in the level of customer service we offer. We like to think that we offer the best customer service in town, and we pride ourselves on being a household name. Milestone was established in 2004, and ever since then, our customer service has been impeccable. We are so confident that we offer the best customer service and the best quality work that if you aren’t 100% happy, we will do all we can to change that. Even if that means we have to give you your money back, we are more than prepared to do so. That is our Milestone Guarantee. Give Milestone in Allen a call today if you think you have a problem with your water lines.

The Milestone Promise

100% Satisfaction Guarantee–or your money back.

If you’re not 100% happy with our plumbing services, we won’t stop working until you are. For this reason, we have the most positive reviews out of any other company in the Metroplex.

Price Match Guarantee

With our apples to apples price match guarantee, if you find a better price from a different company, we will beat it by a whopping $100, as long as it is the same material, scope of work, insurance, warranty agreement, and BBB status.