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Electrical Safety for Kids – Preventing Injury and Promoting Safety

A home is a child's playground. It is their place to adventure and make messes, and a place for them to feel safe. In order to ensure your child's safety, it is important to teach them how to behave around electricity so that they understand the dangers that surround them.

While new parents often baby-proof their home by blocking outlet receptacles, teaching your kids about electrical safety is an ongoing process. To make sure your kids know how to be safe around electricity, here are four tips to prevent injury and promote electrical safety.

1) Keep Water and Electronics Separate Kids don't necessarily understand just how dangerous electricity can be. That's why it's important to emphasize that electronics should never be placed near water. Mixing appliances with water can cause electrocutions, therefore it is essential for kids to know to always dry their hands when handling a plug.

2) Watch Your Fingers Another thing that kids like to do is stick their fingers into everything. Small appliances, light sockets, outlet receptacles—basically, anywhere their fingers will fit they will try it. While you should emphasize to your child that this is dangerous, you can lessen the risk by making sure you unplug any potentially dangerous appliances and avoid leaving light sockets empty. A helpful tip for parents is to leave caps on your outlets so that your kids can't put their fingers in it.

3) Be Careful with Cords One quick tip that could prevent your kids from injuring themselves is to show them how to properly insert and withdraw a plug. You should make sure that kids grab the plug itself when removing it from the wall and avoid pulling on the cable. Tugging the cable can damage the cord and potentially leave the plug inserted in the outlet. You should also try to dress your cables neatly, keeping them close to the wall, or at least out of main traffic paths.

4) Look for Danger and Tell an Adult Showing your child what a damaged cord looks like can help protect your home from fire and electrocution risks. When your child can recognize a frayed or damaged cable, they can tell an adult, who can fix the situation.

Milestone Does Electrical Safety Inspections One final way to keep your kids safe around electricity is to get an electrical safety inspection. Milestone electrical safety inspections include a trained technician coming out and checking all electrical appliances and fixing any potential problems. Call Milestone today and we will ensure that your house is safe for your family and friends.