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We handle all things heating for your home!

Hurst-Euless-Bedford’s Best Heater Technicians

Room uncomfortable?

Uneven room temperatures?

We handle all things heating for your home!



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Furnace Maintenance in Hurst-Euless-Bedford

Maintaining Your Home, So You Don’t Have To Worry

Texas winter temperatures are mild compared to most areas of the U.S., but the state’s weather can be unpredictable. Texas homeowners need to be ready for the temperature swings. The best way to prepare for the weather is to ensure your home’s heater is well-maintained and ready when you need it.

If you need Furnace Maintenance near HEB, TX, you need to look no further than Milestone’s team of experts.


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Be Prepared for Winter

Heater manufacturers generally recommend scheduling Heater Maintenance once or twice each year. There’s never really a wrong time to schedule a maintenance visit, but getting it done in early fall is ideal. You can have any problems fixed and ensure you are ready for the season’s first cold snap.

Keeping your furnace clear of dust, dirt, and other debris can increase energy efficiency by up to 20 percent. When you aren’t using your heater, debris, allergens, and various contaminants may accumulate in the unit and ducts between the seasons. During a maintenance visit, our Technician will ensure your heating system is clear of unwanted materials.

Testing the Thermostat

Performing temperature readings and testing your thermostat are critical parts of furnace maintenance. Regardless of the setting, a heater should always respond to your thermostat. The heater won’t function the way it should if the thermostat isn’t working correctly.

Our technicians conduct thermostat and temperature tests during maintenance visits. They ensure that everything is in good working order. That’s critical because a malfunctioning thermostat can cause overheating, underheating, and increased energy use.

Testing Parts and Components

A heater has a lot of parts, and they all must work together to keep it running well. A problem with just one component or part can compromise the entire system.

The system might function if a small part isn’t working, even there is an underlying issue. However, the problem makes your heating system work harder, which increases wear and tear. The unit will also use more energy than it was designed to, leading to a higher energy bill.

Our technicians inspect all components and parts during a maintenance visit. They ensure everything is in good shape and make necessary adjustments. If repairs are required, a technician will let you know and discuss your options.

We trust Milestone with all our plumbing and electrical needs. Robert came to help us out again, and he did an amazing job as usual. He is extremely knowledgeable, not only in plumbing, but also wit...
— Ailsa Pujol

Maintenance and Manufacturer's Guidelines

When you buy a heating system, it typically includes a manufacturer’s warranty. The contract includes specific instructions that detail the required maintenance services for the model. If you do not follow the guidelines, the warranty will be invalidated.

These warranty terms are why it is a good idea to arrange for professional furnace maintenance. Milestone technicians are familiar with a wide variety of manufacturer instructions and understand how to complete maintenance in accordance with the guidelines.

Testing Heating Efficiency

It isn’t always evident that a home heater isn’t efficient unless you notice that your energy bill has increased. Since a heating system can account for 50% of your energy bill during the colder months, it’s essential to ensure it runs efficiently.

Milestone technicians can determine whether your system is running well or using more energy than it should. They can make adjustments or recommend changes to help you maximize your unit’s potential.

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Finding Heating Maintenance Near You

When you need heater maintenance in the HEB, TX area, Milestone can help. Our team takes pride in providing customers with the highest quality services. We hire only the best well-trained, skilled, and licensed technicians. We conduct thorough hair follicle drug screenings when hiring employees and random testing after that.

We are so confident in the services that we offer The Milestone Promise; we will not stop working until you are 100% satisfied with our services.

Milestone never wants to let budget stop an HEB homeowner from getting needed services, so we offer an Apples to Apples price match guarantee. If you find a company that does exactly what we do for less, we’ll beat their price by $100, guaranteed.

The Milestone team also understands that heating issues rarely happen at convenient times, so we offer same-day appointment availability to all of our customers. Call us before 10 am and get an appointment for the same day.

We have been in business since 2004 and have been growing ever since. We have never forgotten our roots, and family values still guide us as a company. We treat your home like we do our own, because we live here, too. Let our family serve yours.

Call Milestone today to schedule your heater maintenance appointment, and ensure that your heater is ready to beat the cold.