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Breaker keeps tripping?

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We handle all things
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Electric Car Charger Installation in Hurst-Euless-Bedford

Providing Power to Your Electric Vehicle

Every day, more car companies introduce new electric vehicles on the market. With the constantly rising costs of gas, it is only logical to consider purchasing an electric vehicle. However, there are a lot of questions that surround owning one of these EVs. The main concern is charging the vehicle.

An electric vehicle can be charged with a standard 120-volt outlet. This provides enough electric output to charge any electric vehicle. Unfortunately, the charge time can be quite slow. Fortunately, Milestone offers electric car charger installation in Hurst-Euless-Bedford to help homeowners have a faster method for charging their new electric vehicle.


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Electric Car Charger Installation

At Milestone, we understand how important it is to stay up to date with the latest technology. This is why we employ expert technicians that are trained and experienced in providing a variety of electrical installations and repairs in the Hurst-Euless-Bedford area.

If considering EV car charger installation, contact Milestone. Our technicians will provide you with a complete estimate of the cost to install the charger. The technician will also go over the options available as well as the time it will take to install the charger into the home. Once you approve of the work, our electric technician will professionally install the charging system so you can keep your car going.

Benefits of a Home Charger

Although electric vehicles are becoming the smart alternative to gas-powered vehicles, there are still a lot of considerations when planning to buy and use an electric vehicle. With a gas vehicle, when the tank gets low, you can simply pop into a gas station and fill up the vehicle in a couple of minutes and be on your way. This is not possible with an EV.

There are more and more charging stations becoming available every day. However, they are still not as plentiful as gas stations yet. Also, it still takes some time to completely charge a vehicle at a charging station. This can be a problem when you have a low charge on the vehicle and are already running late for work in the morning.

Charging a vehicle at home can be the most convenient option. These vehicles can be charged using a regular home 120-volt outlet. Unfortunately, it can take 40 hours or more to completely charge the vehicle with this method.

At Milestone, our team recommends installing a Level 2 charger in the home to get the most out of your EV experience. A Level 2 charger is a dedicated source of electricity to charge an electric vehicle. These chargers allow you the ability to fully charge your vehicle up to six times faster than a traditional outlet.

It is easy to see the benefits of having a home charger for your EV. You can simply charge your car during the night so that it is ready to go in the morning. By charging the vehicle at home, you will not need to find the nearest charging station or spend part of your day waiting there for your car to charge. You can simply charge it at home.

Ensuring the Correct Circuit for the Charger

There are different types of Level 2 chargers for your EV. They range from 12 to 48 amps. The higher the amps, the faster the vehicle will charge. Regardless of the type of charger you choose, the Level 2 charger will need a 240-volt connection in your home to function properly.

Since all electricity must pass through your home’s electrical panel, it needs enough capacity to allow the level of current the charger will need. If the panel is not equipped for this type of current, it could cause the breaker to trip constantly and may not be able to properly charge your vehicle.

By contacting Milestone, we can help you determine if your home is prepared to handle a Level 2 charger. If your existing panel is not sufficient, our team will help determine the best options to help. In some cases, a smaller Level 2 charger may be able to charge your vehicle. Otherwise, a panel upgrade may be necessary.

Regardless of the situation, our team will walk you through the options and help find a solution that works best for you, your home, and your vehicle.

Mason and Shawn were courteous, knowledgeable and helpful in checking out parts of my electrical system I would not even have thought of to ask about. You've earned my forever business and referrals!...
— JC Gibson

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Professional Service at Milestone

At Milestone, you can be assured that we will provide the best service possible to meet your needs. Whether you are installing an EV charger or needing to upgrade your electric panel in Hurst-Euless-Bedford, our trained technicians will provide excellent workmanship and courteous services from beginning to end.

At Milestone, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our work. If you are not 100% happy with our work, we will make it right or your money back. That is the Milestone Promise.