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Electric Car Charger Installation in Rowlett, Texas

Powering Up Your Electric Vehicle

With the huge rise in the popularity of electric vehicles, if you want to take advantage of this new tech, it’s important to install a dedicated EV charger in your home. This way, you can ensure optimal range and charging time on your electric vehicle.

Although you can charge your electric vehicle with a standard 120-volt outlet, the charging time will be significantly slower. An electric car charger installation from Milestone is the best way to guarantee a faster charge so your vehicle is ready for any adventure.


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Milestone EV Car Charger Installation

For several years, Milestone has provided Rowlett residents with the highest quality electric car charger installations. Our expertly trained and experienced team specializes in all types of electrical work.

Furthermore, our Technicians are fully licensed and certified to provide top-notch service. At Milestone, we are always upfront and honest about the pricing of our services. You can contact us today to receive a quote on your new electric car charger installation.

Benefits of a Home EV Charger

If you’ve had experience charging your electric vehicle using a standard household outlet, you understand how frustrating it is. This is because a standard 120-volt, 12-amp power source will take several days to charge a dead car battery.

Even if you charge your electric vehicle overnight, you’ll likely only be able to drive 50 miles the next day.

At Milestone, we recommend upgrading your charging capacity with a Level 2 electric car charger. Level 2 chargers are dedicated EV chargers that work at 240 volts. This allows for substantially decreased charge times. With a Level 2 EV charger, you’ll finally get the full range out of your electric vehicle!

There are different types of Level 2 chargers that offer different benefits for your electric car charging station. They have various current ratings, ranging from 12 amps to 48 amps.

With a 16-amp Level 2 charger, it will take half the time for your electric vehicle to charge compared to a standard outlet. A 40-amp Level 2 charger allows your vehicle to fully charge six times faster than a regular household outlet.

A variety of other benefits come with your new EV charger installation. You can manage your car’s charging with a mobile app that allows you to adjust the current, set delays, and monitor the current charge.

Relying on public charging stations or putting limits on your daily range are both wildly inefficient. Not only will they ruin your electric car experience, but you also won’t be able to make the most out of your car.

An electric car charger installation from Milestone will give you the freedom to truly optimize your driving experience.

The Correct Circuit for Your EV Charger

An electric car charger installation uses your home’s electricity supply. Since this passes through your electrical panel, your panel needs enough capacity for the level of current given by the charger. If your panel does not have this capacity, you might not be able to charge your vehicle. You could also face constant circuit breaker trips.

If you’d like to install one of the highest-rated and fastest charging Level 2 chargers, you may need to upgrade your existing electrical panels.

When you contact Milestone, we’ll provide all of the information you need and help you decide on the best option for your home. A smaller Level 2 charger may be able to sufficiently charge your electric car without exceeding panel capacity, but we are happy to upgrade your electrical panel if required.

With customer satisfaction as our main priority, we’ll be here to help you with every step of the electric car charger installation process.

Devin was very professional and informing on the issues we were having. It seems he identified the root causes for our drains being clogged. Also very much appreciated him putting in/taking off his sh...
— Caesar Aquino

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Professional EV Charger Installation Near Rowlett, TX

Regardless of if you need an electrical panel upgrade, we’ll ensure your brand-new EV charger is installed correctly and working properly. We understand how important your transportation needs are and we handle every job with respect and care.

Furthermore, our Milestone Promise ensures we will not stop working until you are 100% satisfied with the service we provide, or your money will be refunded to you. Our goal is to provide a fast and reliable charger while maintaining the safety of your home’s electrical system.

At Milestone, we’re the premier resource for EV charger installation near you. From fully electric vehicles to hybrids, we’ll determine the best charger for your needs.

To learn more about EV chargers or to schedule an installation, contact our friendly professionals at Milestone today. We will evaluate your options and offer a reliable quote on your new EV charger installation in Rowlett, TX.