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Experienced AC Repair for the Residents of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

We Are Here For You (and Your Air Conditioner)

When the summer heats up in Dallas-Fort Worth, air conditioning units can be running almost non-stop. During this time, it’s common for your system to get overworked or have aged parts that decide to give out. When this occurs, our skilled professionals at Milestone are prepared and willing to assist as quickly as possible. Residents of Dallas-Fort Worth can depend on our team to provide expert A/C Repair to anyone inconvenienced by a hot, humid home.


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Honest and Reliable A/C Repair Services

Most homeowners have little idea of what caused their A/C unit to stop operating and what it might take to fix it. Milestone understands this and we will never take advantage of the situation just to make a profit. Providing a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, our team will thoroughly inform you of the situation, perform only those repairs that are deemed necessary, and we won’t leave the project site until everything is up and running at full capacity. That is what we like to call The Milestone Promise!

One Small Piece Can Cause a Lot of Problems

Failure of the capacitor is a common issue with air conditioning units, especially if it is aged or overworked. The capacitor stores the extra energy needed to start the fans and compressor when the unit is activated. Without this component, these mechanisms will still try to start and don’t always succeed. If you notice that something isn’t right, even though your A/C is running, you are probably in need of Capacitor Replacement.

Don't Hire Repair Work Based on the Cost

Air conditioning repair should always be performed by a licensed and insured Technician. These certifications prove that each individual has the knowledge and skills to perform A/C repair and replacement. Turning to a general contractor because they charge less can result in bigger problems or set up a future systematic failure.

Maintenance Keeps the Cool Air Flowing Smoothly

Once your air conditioning system is repaired, you should sign up for The Milestone Tune-Up™ service that Milestone offers to ensure that the A/C system retains energy efficiency and limits the possibility for future breakdowns. During these seasonal visits, our Technicians will first thoroughly inspect the unit to check for any leaks or signs of potential problems. They proceed to clean out any debris accumulated in both the indoor and outdoor components, replace the air filter, lubricate moving parts, refill the Freon, check the temperature of the forced air, and test the communication between the thermostat and unit. If any issues are found, our Technicians will inform you and proceed with repairs based upon your approval.

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Recognize the Need for a New Unit

When your air conditioner has reached a certain age, it will cease to operate at peak efficiency and struggle to keep up with the cooling demands of a Dallas-Fort Worth home. You may notice that the circulating air doesn’t get cool as quickly as it once did, and your energy bills will begin to increase. At this point, it pays to have our team at Milestone come and check the system to see if it is worth repairing or if the time has arrived for a new unit.

Providing the Proper Cooling Unit for Each Home

If your home requires A/C replacement, you can depend on Milestone to make an honest assessment of the situation. A representative from Milestone will survey your house to determine what make and model of the unit it needed to meet your cooling demands and then we will write up a free estimate that details all of the parts and labor involved in an installation. Once the contract is signed, we commit to installing the new unit without tacking on any hidden costs or extra fees regardless of any problems they may encounter. All work is 100% guaranteed, ensuring that our Technicians will return to fix any issues after installation at no cost to you.

Emergency Service is Readily Available

Air conditioning issues can arise at any time, especially when it is most inconvenient to you. A malfunction can be quite a problematic situation, especially for individuals working from home. Fortunately, at Milestone, we offer Emergency A/C Services to the residents of Dallas-Fort Worth on an around-the-clock basis. It doesn’t matter if it is the middle of the night, a holiday, or during the weekend a Technician is always on call and ready to assist you at a moment’s notice. Contact us today, and we will do everything we can to help you!