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Garland's Best AC Tune-Up

•Room that doesn’t cool or heat?

•High energy bills?

•We handle all things air conditioning for your home!




Expires 12/30/2022



Expires 12/30/2022

Garland's Best
AC Tune-Up



Expires 12/30/2022



Expires 12/30/2022

  • Room that doesn’t cool or heat?

  • High energy bills?

  • We handle all things air conditioning for your home!

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#1 A/C Tune-Up in Garland, Texas

The Best of the Best: The Milestone Tune-Up

You should set up a tune-up for your air conditioning unit to improve the way it operates and extend the longevity of the unit. Routine services can decrease common problems and keep the property at a comfortable temperature throughout summer. It is recommended that you set up an appointment for The Milestone Tune-Up™ before the beginning of summer. It will give you a chance to find problems before you need your AC system. Our HVAC professionals will report any issues they find and give you a complete estimate for the repairs.

The Milestone Tune-Up™




The Milestone Tune-Up™ for $129

Testing for Refrigerant Leaks and Levels

Refrigerant levels are vital for the AC systems, and our Technicians will use gauges to determine if the systems are charged properly. If there is a leak, you will have to set up repairs before the unit can be recharged with the gas. Once the unit is recharged with refrigerant, it will not provide adequate cool air throughout the home. The refrigerant levels must be tested each time routine maintenance services are performed.

Repairing the Thermostat

The thermostat must work properly, or it will not read the room temperature accurately. The common signs of a thermostat problem are frequent cycles and higher than average energy costs. If the unit runs more often than necessary, you will face higher costs, and must get the thermostat repaired. If the thermostat is faulty, it must be replaced completely. Our Technicians will recommend the best thermostat for the system and ensure compatibility.

Cleaning Out Debris from the Unit

Seasonal cleaning services address all the debris inside the interior and exterior units. Our Technicians vacuum out the unit and scrub away all the debris on the components. They clean each component individually with appropriate chemicals to eliminate dust, dirt, and rust. By cleaning all the components, our Technicians can eliminate issues that could prevent the components from working properly. They can also eliminate allergens, contaminants, and pollutants that build up between seasons.

Changing Out the Air Filter

The air filters must capture all debris and dust and prevent the particles from flowing through the system and circulating in the home. A common issue for homeowners is choosing the incorrect size for their system. If the air filter isn’t the correct measurement, it won’t trap debris properly, and particles will flow throughout the property. Our HVAC Technicians will measure the space for the filter and give you advice about air filters. Most service providers will recommend installing an air filter to collect more debris and keep it out of the system.

Very thourough and job well done. Problem I do believe is finally solved, thank you very much!...
— Kristi Wolfe

Reviewing the Area Around the Unit

Items that are situated around the interior and exterior unit must be moved away from the units. For example, exterior units could get stopped up or damaged if plants get too close to the casing. If plants are growing toward the unit, you will need to trim the plants.

If there are too many items that are too close to the interior unit, you will have to move the items. Dust and debris could get sucked into the unit and cause a blockage. It is vital to keep these spaces debris-free to improve the way the unit operates.

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Our Tune-Up Services

Milestone provides exceptional HVAC services for you. We complete a variety of services for heating and cooling systems, and they will complete inspections, repairs, routine maintenance, and new installations. We provide highly skilled professionals to complete these services and guarantee all our work. You can learn more about setting up AC Tune Up in Garland by contacting us directly for an appointment today. The Milestone Tune-Up™ is really the best thing you can do for your air conditioner each year.

You know that tune-up services help you find simple problems before they affect how your AC system operates. Our HVAC professionals understand how to complete routine maintenance and inspect the systems for issues. If the system has any existing problems, we give you a complete estimate for the repairs, and we back all of our services with The Milestone Promise. If you’re not 100% satisfied with our work, we’ll do everything to make it right or your money back!

Our HVAC professionals will also inspect the systems to determine if it is time to replace your unit. If the system is no longer useful, you may consider a replacement system and review the cost of a new installation. When comparing the systems, you can look at the upfront costs and the maintenance services. These comparisons can help you avoid higher than average expenses and keep the cost of cooling your home more affordable. Our HVAC professionals can provide you with assistance and help them find the best unit for your home. Call us today.

Estimates for Necessary Repairs

Our HVAC Professionals provide a complete estimate if they find any AC issues while performing a tune-up. We will provide detailed information to you and explain the exact issue. You get all the information they need to make a well-informed decision about your AC repair needs. We will review your current product warranty to determine if you have any coverage available to you for the repair and replacement services.

Getting the Best Services with Milestone

Milestone has an incredible history servicing the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and we guarantee all our HVAC services with our Milestone Guarantee. We offer highly skilled HVAC Technicians, and we screen all workers to keep you safe. At Milestone, we complete all vital services to keep AC systems in Dallas operating at top-notch performance levels. You can learn more about setting up a Milestone Tune-Up™ in Dallas by contacting the service provider for an appointment right now.

You can set up routine maintenance and The Milestone Tune-Up™ services for your AC systems before the beginning of summer. These vital steps can prevent you from facing health risks in the extreme heat that’s so common during Texas summers. Our HVAC Professionals can complete a multitude of maintenance tasks to address common concerns and keep the AC unit operating properly. Contact us today for more information!

Technician performing AC service on the unit