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Room uncomfortable?
Uneven room temperatures?

We handle all things heating for your home!

Garland’s Best Heater Technicians

Room uncomfortable?

Uneven room temperatures?

We handle all things heating for your home!


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Heater Tune-Up in Garland, Texas

Peace of Mind with The Milestone Tune-Up

You should always set up routine maintenance services for your heating systems each year before the season begins. It is imperative for you to schedule these services as early as possible to eliminate common issues that prevent the units from operating as expected. During maintenance services, our HVAC professionals will report any issues they find to you promptly.

The Milestone Tune-Up™

According to most product warranties, you must set up routine maintenance services with an HVAC professional. Our Technicians must follow the instructions exactly as they appear in the warrant instructions, or you could lose coverage of your product’s warranty. It is wise to set up The Milestone Tune-Up™ with Milestone before you need to run your heating system to avoid any health risks. Here is what is included with your tune-up with Milestone:


Milestone Tune-Up™

for $129

The Milestone Tune-Up™ for $129

  • Check Lubrication for the Moving Parts: Our Technician assesses the lubrication for all the moving parts and ensures that they are greased according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If the moving parts are not lubricated appropriately, the gears will grind together and damage these components. Our Technicians will open up the entire heater to inspect these parts and apply lubricants according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Cleaning All Left Behind Debris: By cleaning out all the debris and cleaning the unit completely, you get a fresh start for the winter season, and you won’t have unwanted debris floating through the air. You can breathe easier and won’t experience frequent allergy symptoms or asthma triggers. Our Technicians clean out the entire system before the beginning of the season. These cleaning services eliminate that typical burning dust smell that many heating systems have when they are turned on for the first time. We will clean out all debris and leave behind a fresh scent.
  • Testing for Possible Gas Leaks: A gas leak could be catastrophic for you, and our HVAC Technicians will test the system for these issues. By checking ahead of time, you can avoid devastating results for yourself and your family. Gas leaks can lead to fatalities due to inhalation of the gas, and they can cause explosions and fires. By finding the leaks before using the system, you decrease the risks and keep your home and family safe.
  • Reviewing the Carbon Monoxide Detector: A carbon monoxide detector is a must for all property owners that use gas to heat their homes. These detectors will alert you whenever any gas is present in the air. When our Technicians complete routine maintenance, they will test these detectors and ensure that they are operating as expected. If the detectors don’t work properly, you will not get the early warning you need to stay safe throughout winter.
  • Testing the Thermostat: Your thermostat must read the current room temperature and determine when to engage your heating system. Faulty thermostats will either keep the home too hot or too cold. If your heating system cycles too frequently it could become unbearably hot inside the home. If it doesn’t start appropriately, your home will be too cold and uncomfortable. If your thermostat is faulty, you will need to replace the component with an upgraded product. Programmable thermostats are recommended most often for residential property owners.

Tune-Up Services at Milestone

You should follow all recommendations outlined in your product warranty when setting up heating maintenance. It is important for your heating system to be cleaned according to these specifications, and the components must be tested for quality. If you don’t set up these services, you could lose the coverage of your warranty.

These series of maintenance steps can improve the longevity of your heating systems and give you more use-value. These steps are not excessive and won’t take up a lot of your time. Our Technicians could complete these steps in just a few hours and let you get back to your normal daily routine. We are always eager to help in any way we can, so if you have questions about anything regarding your heater, ask one of our friendly team members.

CJ and his partner were fantastic! Would highly recommend......
— Jennifer Ibarguen

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Our Guarantees

Milestone provides homeowners with superior HVAC services, and we have a long history of exceptional service. We provide homeowners with skilled professionals that are familiar with a variety of heating and cooling systems. We screen all our workers completely and conduct background checks. This ensures the safety of you and your family, and you will receive high-quality services at all times. We guarantee it with The Milestone Promise, your complete satisfaction with our work or your money back. You can learn more about setting a heater Tune-Up in Garland by contacting Milestone today.