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Argyle’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
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Whole House Surge Protection in Argyle, Texas

Safety for Your Electronics & Your Whole Home

Just about every home in Argyle is hooked up to the municipal electrical grid. The electricity travels from the power plant via a complex series of electrical wires, then enters the home to power everything from lights to appliances and sensitive electronic devices. While the municipal power companies are responsible for ensuring that every home on the grid receives an adequate supply of electricity to meet families’ needs, they don’t take care of things like surge protection.

Experts recommend that all Argyle homeowners provide some level of surge protection for their sensitive electronics and appliances. Milestone understands that every family has different needs, and a different budget, so our company is committed to providing a range of whole house surge protection services and educating you about how these services will benefit you.

When most people hear the term surge protection, they assume it only applies to computers. But, there are many sensitive electronics in homes that can be damaged during power surges. From TVs to sound systems, kitchen appliances, and charging laptops, tablets, and phones, modern families use a lot of electronics. All of them need to be protected against the damaging effects of power surges.


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How Our Surge Protection Works

Surge protectors are generally manufactured using metal oxide varistors (MOVs). When a power surge occurs, the MOV drains the excess charge and bleeds it back into the ground where it can’t do any damage. The surge protectors sold at home goods stores will only be able to handle one power surge. Once the MOVs in these consumer goods have done their essential work just one time, they need to be replaced.

Because there is no insurance for power surges and damaged appliances, you can turn to Milestone for help to protect your electronics. At Milestone, we emphasize protecting not just individual devices, but entire houses. Our company offers three levels of whole house surge protection, all of which come with either five-year or ten-year limited warranties and coverage of up to $25,000 for all the household’s electronics.

Standard Levels of Whole House Surge Protection

Every family has different needs. The best way to figure out what level of surge protection will adequately meet those needs is to call Milestone to consult with an expert Electrician. Our Electricians will walk you through your options and help you make informed decisions.

Level One: Panel Protection

Our first level of whole house surge protection involves installing a simple surge suppressor on the home’s main breaker box. This surge suppressor unit will protect from power surges generated from the power company or inside the home. All appliances and devices hooked up to the home’s electrical system will be protected, not just a few sensitive electronics plugged into individual surge protection strips.

Level Two: Deluxe Protection

Our second level of whole house surge protection still requires installing a surge suppressor in the home’s electrical panel. However, it also goes a step beyond level one by focusing on sensitive electronics and appliances and adding an extra layer of protection against the larger power surges sometimes generated by electrical storms.

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Level Three: Optimum Protection

Our third level of whole house surge protection offers not just optimal protection for all the home’s appliances and electronics, but also added noise filtration and energy savings. This level of protection involves installing units customized and enhanced by Milestone’s expert Electricians to provide the highest possible level of surge suppression.

Stop Worrying About Power Surges

Sick of replacing single-unit MOV surge protectors each time there’s a power surge or an electrical storm? The best solution is to call Milestone to request whole home surge protection services today and let an expert Electrician help with determining the best level of protection to meet the family’s unique needs. Every Electrician undergoes thousands of hours of training, plus drug screening and a background check, to make sure he or she can offer the best service around.

Milestone takes pride in offering industry-leading electrical services, including whole house surge protection. We don’t stop at offering five to ten-year limited warranties and up to $25,000 in insurance coverage for every home that features one of its whole house surge protection systems. We also offer a 100% customer service satisfaction guarantee. From the very first call through the installation itself and beyond, you can expect only the best when you work with Milestone. Contact us today!