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We handle all things air conditioning for your home!

Argyle’s Best A/C Technicians

Room that doesn’t cool?

High energy bills?

We handle all things air conditioning for your home!


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AC Repair in Argyle, Texas

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It is a good idea to set up air conditioning repairs at the first sign of an issue. If you wait too long, your AC system may fail at inopportune times and expose you to extreme summer temperatures. If you are familiar with common signs of AC issues, you will know when to contact Milestone and set up your appointment. After a thorough inspection, our Technicians will provide you with a complete estimate for our repair services. They will also inform you when it is time to replace your AC system completely.


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Bent Condenser Coil Fins

The fins on the condenser coil must be straightened to allow the component to operate properly. If your Technician inspects the component and finds the fins are damaged, they will make attempts to straighten them and repair the component. However, if there are signs of severe corrosion on the component, our Technicians will recommend replacing the component to restore proper function. The condenser coil is vital for removing hot air from the unit and sending cool air throughout the home.

The Condenser Coil is Freezing Over

If the condenser coil is freezing, the most common cause is a blockage in your AC system. To eliminate the blockage, our Technicians will complete seasonal cleaning services and eliminate debris in the unit. If you have pets, there is a greater risk of blockages in the unit that could lead to issues. If the component freezes, your Technician will have to thaw it out before they can review the component completely. Seasonal cleaning services can decrease the risk of condenser coil issues and freezing of the component.

Water Damage Inside the Unit

Condensation must be managed inside the unit, and the condensation drain could develop a clog that will allow the water and condensation to leak inside the unit. Your Technician will review the unit for condensation problems. If water stays inside the unit, it will cause mold inside the unit that will spread throughout the home. If this happens, you will need mold remediation and restoration services for your home.

Blockages Inside the Unit

By cleaning out the unit, your Technicians manage common issues that could affect the unit negatively. If the unit is not cleaned out properly, components such as the fan could overheat and fail. Our Technicians recommend scheduling seasonal cleaning services before the start of the new season. Too often, debris accumulates inside the interior and exterior of the units. If it is not managed properly, your AC system won’t get proper airflow, and the air quality will be poor. By cleaning out your unit appropriately, you could decrease the cost of repairs. That’s why scheduling The Milestone Tune-Up™ for your unit annually is so important.

The Air Filter Clogs Too Fast

If the air filter is covered in dust too quickly, our Technicians will review common causes and determine if you need an air cleaner. An air cleaner could decrease the amount of debris in your AC system. This could give you a cleaner home and improve the air quality. It will control the amount of pollen and other debris in the home and prevent them from becoming a serious issue.

Grant did a great job. He arrived on time, knew exactly what he was doing, got to the needed service promptly, and completed the work in short order. He also was very personable and friendly, was dres...
— Jerry Walker

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Quality AC Repair at Milestone

You should familiarize themselves with common signs of AC issues and failures. These details could help decrease the risk of a system breakdown and get repairs as needed. Whenever you notice problems, you can set up an inspection for your AC system, and your Technician will identify the issue.

When reviewing your AC system, our Technicians test all the components and identify issues that could prevent your AC system from running properly. If they find a component has failed, your Technician will provide a full estimate for the repair services. Typically, Milestone will complete the repair on the same day unless the part must be ordered. They can set up the repairs at your earlier convenience.

HVAC professionals will also provide you with a complete estimate if your system is no longer viable. You can compare the costs of each unit and find an appropriate system for their homes.

Milestone provides you with assistance with your HVAC systems, and you won’t have to worry about breakdowns. At Milestone, we will complete inspections, repairs, routine maintenance, and new installations. We will also screen all our workers to ensure high-quality services and safer services for you. You can learn more about setting up AC repair in Argyle by contacting Milestone for an appointment today.