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Dallas, TX Plumbing Services

Toilet running?
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We Take Care Of All Your Dallas Plumbing Needs!

Milestone Electric, A/C, & Plumbing service van

Dallas, TX Plumbing Services 

Toilet running?

Leaky faucet?

We Take Care Of All Your Dallas Plumbing Needs!



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Milestone Electric, A/C, & Plumbing service van

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Dallas Plumbing Services - We Care, We Repair

Since our establishment in 2004, our plumbing services have become a reliable and experienced choice for the residents of Dallas, Texas. Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for providing high-quality plumbing solutions. Our skilled plumbers have plenty of experience, taking care of everything from basic repairs to installations. We are aware of the challenges faced by homeowners in Dallas, and our expertise allow us to offer customized and efficient solutions. When you call for our service, you’re not just hiring a regular plumbing company; you’re receiving a licensed, background checked, and a drug tested technician.

Is Your Dallas Home Having Plumbing Issues?

Plumbing can go wrong for a bunch of reasons. Things like old age, wear and tear, or if they weren’t installed right. Dallas homes often deal with stuff like faucets that leak. You may see a kitchen sink that continues to drip, bathroom sink that never turns off or even a shower head dripping as well. You can also come across your plumbing system clogging, toilets that keep running, or water pressure that’s too low. With many issues that could occur, it can definitely overwhelm you as a home owner. That is why we recommend calling us for professional plumbing service. We refuse to leave until everything is in working order and you are satisfied. That’s Our Milestone Promise.

Prevent a Plumbing Disaster - 3 Plumbing Service Tips

A plumbing emergency can happen at any time. However, Dallas homeowners can take preventative measures to reduce the risk of an emergency and the need for repairs.

  • Visually inspect the pipes to see if there are small leaks or areas in disrepair. The pipes undergo a lot of wear and tear, so they may fail after a period. Begin by checking under the sinks. By catching a leak early, you’ll save your home from costly damage and the need for extensive repairs.
  • Clean faucets and shower heads to remove calcium and mineral buildup. This building interferes with the flow of water and stresses the plumbing system.
  • Stop clogs before they start. Many clogs begin in the bathroom. Install a hair trap over the bathtub or shower drain to keep hair from building up in the pipes and stopping the flow of water.


If you suspect you have a clog, call Milestone immediately. We’ll remove the blockage, so the drains flow freely again. This provides peace of mind, as removing the clog ensures water or sewage doesn’t back up into the home. Furthermore, know what should and should not be put down the drain. Coffee grounds and eggshells in the drain lead to clogs. Never flush a wipe, even if the package says you can. These wipes clog drains in Dallas regularly. Household drains cannot handle paper towels and cotton balls either, so put them in the trash instead. In addition, keep grease and hair out of the drains to prevent clogs before they start.

Our Plumbing Installations and Repairs in Dallas, TX

Our plumbing team are experts in repairing all your plumbing needs. We install and repair toilets, faucets, install water heaters, while utilizing top-notch equipment. Additionally, our experienced technicians excel in the task of locating slab leaks.  

Entrust Milestone for seamless plumbing services tailored to meet your needs and ensure the best water system functionality.


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Plumbing Repairs

Annual Plumbing Inspections

Call Milestone for an annual plumbing inspection service by a licensed plumber. This inspection allows minor problems to be caught early. Furthermore, during this inspection, the plumber makes recommendations on maintaining the system, as we want to save you money and minimize the need for repairs. Regular maintenance helps in achieving this goal.

Clint was my repair guy and it was 2:30 in the morning when he was out doing my repair. Clint was amazing very thorough, very professional, knowledgeable answered all my questions and fixed the proble...
— Stefanie Jones

Let Milestone Plumbing ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Our Milestone Plumbing Heroes

Our Milestone plumbers are ready to help with plumbing repair needs. Call us as soon as you suspect there is a problem. Many leaks remain hidden in walls and under floors. Monitor the water meter. If the water bill suddenly rises with no explanation, a leak is probably responsible for the increased usage. Call our Dallas team and we’ll have a plumber come out to find the leak, regardless of where it is.

The Milestone Promise sets us apart from our competitors in Dallas. We back every job we do with this promise. Our team continues working until we have your complete satisfaction.


Plumbing Service Near You

Regardless of the size of the plumbing problem, Milestone can help. We tackle jobs big and small and find the solution that is right for the customer. Plumbing problems need prompt attention, and we have plumbers on call around the clock to help when an emergency arises.

If the problem isn’t an emergency, call for same-day appointment availability. We are here to help, and we’ll fix it in a flash. It all begins with the first call to our team in Dallas, so make the call today

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