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Attic Insulation in Dallas, TX

Hot home in the summer?
Cold home in the winter?

We handle all things attic insulation for your home!

Milestone Electric, A/C, & Plumbing service van

Attic Insulation in Dallas, TX

Hot home in the summer?

Cold home in the winter?

We handle all things attic insulation for your home!



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Milestone Electric, A/C, & Plumbing service van

Attic Insulation In Dallas, Texas

Ensuring Your Home Stays In Good Condition

People who live in Dallas are used to blistering hot summers and nasty cold spells during the winter months. To keep an even, comfortable temperature all year round, the home needs a properly functioning furnace and air conditioner. It also needs adequate insulation in the walls and attic. The heating and cooling equipment must work harder and will wear out sooner when there is not enough insulation in the home.

Installing a radiant barrier and insulation in the hone’s attic is a great way to make the home more energy efficient and help the heating and cooling equipment last longer and work better. This will lower energy bills all year long.

Milestone has a crew of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Technicians trained to test and correct any attic insulation problems. This can include removing old insulation, cleaning the area, installing a radiant barrier, and adding adequat


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Milestone is Your Local Insulating Professional

Homeowners have a lot to worry about when maintaining their homes and keeping the family safe. It is easy to forget about the attic or view it only as a convenient storage space. But, in these days of high energy costs, the attic can be used to reduce energy bills and help to regulate the home’s temperature.

This is accomplished by having the Milestone technicians install a radiant barrier and new attic insulation. Milestone IAQ technicians have undergone many hours of training to become experts in home temperature regulation. They know just what is required in Highland Park homes for energy efficiency in attics.

In addition, all our techs are vetted and drug tested before being hired. You can feel secure with Milestone experts working in your home.

Protect Your Home Proactively

By insulating your attic, you are making your home more energy efficient and eco-friendly. The heating and cooling bills will also go down, saving you money every month. If your attic is not sufficiently insulated, the air conditioning or heating units will need to work harder to cool or heat the home, costing money. When an attic is not properly insulated, conditioned air will escape and need to be replaced by the home’s heating or cooling units. The equipment will have to work harder and will wear out sooner.

When a home does not have a good radiant barrier to keep the sun’s heat out of the attic, the air conditioner will also be working harder. Radiant barriers reflect the heat from the sun and prevent it from entering the attic. So, to get the most out of your heating and cooling equipment all year long, make an appointment to have Attic Insulation and a Radiant Barrier installed now.
Milestone takes customer satisfaction seriously and offers the Milestone Promise, which states that our technicians will keep working until you are satisfied the job is done right. If you are not satisfied, there will be a refund.

Our technicians will come to your home and do an assessment of your insulation needs. Then they will explain how attic insulation and a radiant barrier can improve your home environment. Added insulation and radiant barriers will help regulate your home’s temperature in both air conditioning and heating seasons. This is because the heated or cooled air will be kept in the house instead of escaping.

Cody Walker was very professional, completed all work including cleanup and answered all question. Would recommend Cody highly, wish I knew about him years ago....
— Steven Porter

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Milestone Has Insulation Services Near Dallas

When you call Milestone, our technicians will guide you in every step of making your home more energy efficient. When you call, our experts will answer all your energy questions and give you a no-cost estimate for the upcoming insulation project.

We want to give each customer the best service possible while making your home more energy efficient. We don’t care if your attic is big or small, we will be glad to take it on as a job to be done correctly.

So, if you think your attic might need attention for energy efficiency, give Milestone a call. Our technicians will come out promptly, inspect your home, and design a plan to add a radiant barrier and insulation where needed to bring your home up to a high level of energy efficiency going into the future.

If you call before 10 am, we will try to give you a same-day appointment or schedule an appointment that is most convenient for your schedule. And, we show up on time and with the right equipment to do the job. Depend on Milestone to deliver quality, professional services every time.

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