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•Uneven room temperatures

•High energy bills?

•We handle all things HVAC for your home!




Expires 9/30/2022



Expires 9/30/2022

Arlington's Best
A/C Technicians



Expires 9/30/2022



Expires 9/30/2022

  • Uneven room temperatures?
  • High energy bills?
  • We handle all things HVAC for your home!

AC Repair In Arlington, Texas

We Are Here For You (and Your Air Conditioner)

At the first sign of an AC problem, you should set up repair services. If the system fails during the summer, you could face serious health risks because of the heat. In Texas, the summers are hot and harsh, and air conditioning is a must. At Milestone Electric, A/C, & Plumbing, you won’t have to worry about these breakdowns and our Technician will complete the necessary tasks to improve how the system operates. A review of the product warranty will also determine if you have any coverage, through the warranty.


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Incorrect Air Filters

If the wrong air filters are being used, debris will flow around the filter and all through the unit. When inspecting the air conditioning system, our Technicians will review the air filter and change it out. If you are not using the right filter, our Technicians will provide a new air filter that is the appropriate size and share this information with you.

Should the Thermostat Be Replaced?

A faulty thermostat will not gauge the room temperature appropriately, and it could cause the system to cycle too frequently, and the energy costs will increase dramatically. If there are any issues, our Technicians will complete a new thermostat installation. It is recommended that they upgrade to a programmable thermostat with the latest technology. These thermostats give them more control over the temperature and decrease their cooling costs significantly.

You will have the option to adjust the temperature settings and set your system to run at a higher temperature when they are not home. They can set up a new setting to change the temperatures at a specific time before the homeowner arrives home.

Refrigerant Leaking Out of the Unit

A refrigerant leak is not safe for the environment and requires our Technicians to repair it quickly. Milestone Technicians use specialized equipment to find the source of the leak and repair it quickly. Once it is repaired, our Technicians will need to recharge the system to appropriate refrigerant levels. Without proper refrigerant, the system will not produce cool air or keep the home at a comfortable temperature.

James was knowledgeable and professional. He was personable and able to answer our questions and make us feel confident. Jonathan, Jimmy and the whole crew who performed our work were efficient and ...
— Willa Perryman

Improper Drainage for Condensation

If the condensation drain is clogged, water and moisture could leak inside the unit and cause water damage. If the water is not discovered quickly, mold could develop and spread through the home. When assessing the AC system, our Technician will assess the condensation drain and determine if it is clogged. If there is a clog, they can remove it, but if the component is damaged, they must replace it to control condensation and moisture in the AC unit.

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

We’ll Fix it in a Flash!

It’s always best to set up A/C repair services at the first sign of problems. Our Technicians can troubleshoot the system quickly. By testing your system, our Technicians will find out if everything is working properly, or if something should be replaced. When you get a replacement, you’ll get a product warranty for your new A/C to make future repairs a little easier!

When you call us for repair services, our Technicians will do everything they can to ensure that your A/C system is operating safely and efficiently. They’ll start with a complete inspection to find the source of the problem. They’ll even look for potential problems that could cause a breakdown before the end of the system’s lifespan. If your unit is 15 years old or older, we may recommend that you get a replacement. We’ll never be pushy, we’ll just let you know our recommendations and let you choose the service that’s best for your family.

Milestone can provide you with superior HVAC services by completing inspections, routine maintenance, repairs, and new installations. Our team will take care of all your service needs. We always screen Team Members both old and new with random hair follicle drug tests so you can feel safe working with us. We back up our repairs with The Milestone Promise. We won’t stop working until you’re 100% satisfied with our work, or you’ll get your money back. If you live in Arlington, you can learn more about setting up A/C Repair by contacting Milestone for an appointment today!