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Sump Pump Services in Prosper, Texas

Protecting You When You Need It Most

Countless homeowners today remain unfamiliar with sump pumps, so they don’t give these devices much thought. Those who lack appreciation for these common devices and their role in protecting homes could discover how vital the devices are when disaster hits. If the sump pump doesn’t do its job, its importance quickly becomes apparent.

Milestone works with sump pumps every day to ensure they operate when residents need them most. As a result, our team knows what happens when a home lacks a sump pump and how disastrous this can be. Anyone who is unsure of whether their home needs this device will benefit greatly from the following information. Read this information and determine whether your home needs to remain safe and dry. If it does, it may be time to invest in a sump pump.


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The Role of Sump Pumps

Prosper receives, on average, 41.3 inches of rain each year. In fact, it serves as one of the wettest places in the great state of Texas. Some years receive more rain than others, and many areas in the home flood because of the water pouring from the sky. A properly installed sump pump ensures this water does not make its way into the home where it can cause damage. 

People often assume they don’t need a sump pump because their house has never flooded in the past. Any home may flood under the right circumstances. When it does, the home becomes at risk of mold, mildew, and more. Homes in low areas remain in most danger of this problem, and a sump pump diverts the water away from the home to an area where it cannot do damage. 

Sump Pump Operation

Plumbers typically install sump pumps in crawl spaces in Prosper. When water collects in this space, the pump activates to collect and drain this water into a sump basin. The water then moves through a discharge pipe to a location beyond the home’s foundation. 

This process ensures the water does not damage the home and its contents. Milestone technicians understand how to install, repair, and maintain sump pumps, so homeowners feel comfortable that their assets remain protected. 

Signs of a Failing Sump Pump

As the sump pump remains hidden away in a crawl space or another out-of-the-way location, most people don’t think about this device very often. They schedule yearly maintenance and that’s it. However, they should examine the pump periodically to ensure it is functioning properly. What signs should a person look for during these inspections? 

The Age of the Home

If the home is ten years of age or older and you have never serviced the pump, call us. These devices don’t last forever, and the average sump pump requires replacement every seven to ten years. We will send a technician out to inspect the pump and ensure it remains in working order. 

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Visible Corrosion

As the unit gets older, rust becomes more of a concern. Any visible rust on the pump calls for a service visit from a licensed plumber. Bacteria sometimes cause this rust and suggest the sump pump is in danger of becoming clogged. 

Strange Noises

Sump pumps operate silently in the background. When this device makes noises, call for maintenance or a repair. Any loud noise coming from the unit suggests worn or damaged parts. It may be time for a new pump. 

Flooding in the Home

Sump pumps work to keep water out of the home. If water begins collection in the lower levels of the home, the pump needs attention. Call Milestone and we’ll fix it in a flash.

Quality and Training

Milestone plumbers stand out from the competition. We hire expert plumbers in Prosper to ensure they know how to handle any problem that arises in a home. Their training and professionalism allow homeowners to feel safe letting them do this work. 

These technicians take on all plumbing jobs, including sump pump installation, repair, and maintenance. Every member of our plumbing team comes with the tools, knowledge, and training to do the job right. 

Furthermore, the plumber examines the entire system rather than focusing solely on the sump pump. This ensures everything works as intended. Our Milestone Promise ensures the customer’s complete satisfaction. 

Our plumbers undergo countless hours of training, so they can handle any situation that arises with a sump pump. Question them about the need for a repair or replacement and continue doing so until you feel comfortable with the work. We’ll answer the questions to ensure you know what is going on in the home and why. When you need a sump pump installation or any other plumbing job completed, call Milestone in Prosper. We are ready to help.