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Water Quality Services in Prosper, Texas

You Can Trust Your Water With Us

Municipalities treat and clean water before delivering it to customers’ homes. However, this water may collect contaminants as it makes its way through pipes and into homes. When there remains any doubt regarding the purity of water coming into a home, consider investing in a water filtration system.

This system reduces or eliminates the need for bottled water. As a result, individuals who choose this option save money while protecting the planet.


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Clean Water

Milestone cares about clean water just as every person does. Anyone with concerns about water quality should call us. We’ll come to the home and test the water to learn what contaminants are in it. In addition, this test provides information about the water hardness. With this information, we’ll share information about what solution is right for your situation.

Before the technician leaves the home, they’ll conduct a second test to ensure the filtration system is working as expected.

Prosper Water Filtration Services

When a water filtration or softener system needs to be installed or an existing one requires maintenance, Milestone’s water quality experts have you covered.

People remain hesitant to allow strangers into the home, but don’t worry when it is a Milestone technician. We rigorously vet every applicant before hiring them to ensure they have the proper licenses. They must undergo a background check and drug test. In addition, we train them to make customer satisfaction the top priority.

Water Filtration System or Water Softener?

Several factors play a role in water quality. For this reason, what works for one home may not be appropriate for another. We work with customers to find the right solutions for their needs.

Water Filtration Systems

A water filtration system functions to remove chemical contaminants in water coming into the home. These contaminants give water an unpleasant taste. This water could come from a municipal source or from a well, and the water filtration system removes contaminants in the water. The contaminants removed include sulfur, salts, and metals. With the use of this system, you’ll find the water tastes better.

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Water Softener Systems

In contrast, a water softener system removes minerals from the water. Although people drink hard water every day, they often find it irritates their skin. Anyone suffering from dry skin and irritation should have their water tested to learn if it is hard.

If the water contains excess calcium and magnesium, the minerals often leave a residue on dishes when someone washes them. In addition, mineral deposits collect on faucets. A quality water softener system prolongs the life of plumbing fixtures, as it reduces the strain put on the fixtures and the systems.

Milestone repairs and maintains both types of systems to better meet the needs of customers.

Which Do You Need?

When a customer calls to ask if they need a water filtration or water softener system, Milestone employees cannot provide this answer immediately. A plumber needs to visit the home and test the water to ensure they recommend the right system. When the water is hard but lacks contaminants, then a system designed to soften water serves as the best choice. We’ll know if this is the case following the tests.

The Milestone Promise

Milestone differs from its competitors in a key way. We promise to remain at the home until you are happy with our work. This Milestone Promise remains exclusive to us, as we are the only plumbing provider in Prosper or the state that offers it.

Customers quickly see we count them as our most valuable asset. Without our customers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We treat each customer and their home as if they are family, as we believe everyone deserves the best.

Milestone began serving customers more than 15 years ago. Thanks to our quality workmanship, reliability, and professionalism, we have established a strong customer base and an outstanding reputation in the area. In fact, we have received several awards we are extremely proud of. This includes the 2017 Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence and awards for our service and craftsmanship.

We deliver on our customer-focused philosophy. That’s why the residents of Prosper call us when they need a water softener or water filtration system. We handle all plumbing jobs, as we want to be the only company you need to call for help with this household system.

Whether the problem is unpleasant tasting water or mineral deposit buildup on plumbing fixtures, we are here to help. Our Milestone team brings the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to do the job right, so you can move forward with life knowing the problem is resolved. Schedule your water test today.