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We handle all things plumbing for your home!

Prosper’s Best Plumbers

Toilet running?

Leaking faucet?

We handle all things plumbing for your home!



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Plumbing Maintenance in Prosper, Texas

Keeping Your Pipes Squeaky Clean

There is nothing more frustrating than a plumbing problem. Whether it is a clogged drain or a leaky pipe, that wet mess will inevitably bring the entire home to a standstill. Fortunately, at Milestone, our professional plumbing services are available to help with any plumbing problem you may have. If you call before 10am, our technicians can be there the same day.

However, the best plumbing repair is preventing an issue from occurring in the first place. At Milestone, our experts offer plumbing maintenance in Prosper. This includes a variety of services that keep your home’s plumbing running properly to keep the home safe and comfortable.



Done Right

Plumbing Maintenance Done Right

Professional Plumbing Services

At Milestone, our plumbing experts are fully licensed. The experts have also undergone thousands of hours of training and continue to keep up with any new technology and advancements in the field. They also have many years of experienced and are familiar with almost any plumbing problem a home could have.

Each of our plumbing experts strongly recommend plumbing maintenance for every home. These little tasks and checks of a home’s plumbing system may prevent unexpected complications in the future. They can even help identify potential problems early so homeowners have the opportunity to make repairs before the issue becomes dire.

Proper Plumbing Maintenance

A home’s plumbing system is quite extensive. It covers the pipes that bring the water into the home as well as the pipes that remove the wastewater. Every fixture, drain, and appliance attached to the pipes are also a part of the home’s plumbing. Each of these things need to be checked and inspected during a maintenance visit. These checks include:

  • Inspection of the water heater.
  • Flushing of the water heater when needed.
  • Checking all water pipes for leaks, damage, corrosion.
  • Check all valves to ensure proper opening and closing.
  • Inspect water pressure.
  • Check for backflow if needed.
  • Inspect drains and provide cleaning if needed.
  • Check the garbage disposal.
  • Inspect all faucets and repair or tighten any knobs.
  • Check the installation of all water-related appliances.

Each home’s plumbing needs are different. This is why our team will customize the home’s plumbing maintenance to meet its needs. Some homes may need more maintenance services or may go through more extensive wear and tear than others. This may require additional preventive care and more-frequent visits.

Benefits of Maintaining a Home’s Plumbing

There are many benefits of preventative plumbing maintenance in Prosper. The main benefit is prolonging the lifespan of the various systems and appliances in the home. Having these things inspected regularly can identify issues with the appliance and the connections that may cause the system or appliance to fail earlier than anticipated.

These checks can even reduce the need for emergency plumbing services. The various tasks can allow the opportunity for minor repairs to be made in a timely manner and prevent serious problems in the future. For example, a minor problem with a water heater can be repaired early and prevent losing hot water.

Some tasks are necessary for preventing problems altogether. For example, regular drain cleaning removes any buildup and debris in the drain pipes. This can prevent clogs and potentially prevent sewage from backing up into the home.

Proper maintenance may even keep water bills lower. By ensuring everything is working properly and all pipes are in good repair, the water can properly flow into the home. A small leak or problem with water pressure could cause water damage and limit the supply to parts of a home.

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The Milestone Promise

At Milestone, we work hard to treat our customers the same as we would treat our own family. That is why we offer the Milestone Promise. This two-part guarantee ensures our customers get quality work at affordable prices as well as the best customer service possible.

The first part of the Milestone Promise is our apples-to-apples price match guarantee. If you find another company that offers the same services at a lower price than we do, simply let us know. Not only will we match the price, but we will go $100 lower than the competitor.

The second part of the Milestone Promise is our satisfaction guarantee. We are so confident in our service to you that we offer a guarantee of our service. If you are not completely satisfied with our work, give us a call. Our team will do everything we can to make it right or your money back.

So, if you are having any issues with the plumbing in the home, give us a call. Our technicians offer professional plumbing maintenance in Prosper to help keep our neighbors home’s comfortable and functioning properly.