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Prosper’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?
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We handle all things
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Prosper’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!



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Whole House Surge Protection in Prosper, Texas

Safety for Your Electronics & Your Whole Home

We help increase the safety of all the electronic devices in your home, including your appliances.

If you want to keep your electronic devices and appliances safe and working effectively, Whole House Surge Protection is a must. You may not know exactly what these systems do for your home, but we are here to help.

You may think of the small power strips when you hear the words surge protector. Yes, these do offer surge protection, but they only protect the electronic devices hooked directly to them. To get full protection for your home, you need a Whole House Surge Protection system.

With all the many electronic devices you have in your home in Prosper, TX, including cellphones, washers and dryers, and televisions, you need sound protection. Electronic devices and appliances are more expensive than ever. You surely do not want to experience damage because of a power surge.


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Surge Protection

Get $100 Off Surge Protection

An Explanation of Milestone's Surge Protection

When your hire one of our Electricians from Milestone, you are hiring the very best in the business. We offer comprehensive Whole House Surge Protection for homes in Prosper, TX. We even guarantee your satisfaction.

Your happiness is our top priority. If you are not happy, for any reason, we will not leave your home until we make things right. If we cannot make things right, we will refund your money.

The Milestone Promise ensures we take your satisfaction seriously. It is our goal to offer the best service in the area. Reading our customer reviews will show you how happy the residents of Prosper are with our services.

Our Team also realizes some electrical issues require top priority. If you call our office by ten in the morning, we will work to get out to your home the same day.

What Does Whole House Surge Protection Provide Your Home?

A whole-house surge protector is a valuable asset to your home. These systems protect your appliances, electronics, washers and dryers, deep freezers, and HVAC systems. These systems also protect against surges that sometimes occur when appliances are cycling.

Investing in Whole House Surge Protection will protect all the small and large electronic devices in your home. Do not wait for damage to occur before seeking these systems. Call Milestone right away for whole-house surge protection. Allow us to guard all your electronics and appliances today.

What Are Your Surge Protection Options?

You have options for surge protection in your home. Our Team will come out and discuss your options in full, but the following will give you information to help you begin thinking about your needs.

Panel Protection

The level one protection works with your home’s electric panel. This protection prevents surges from running from the panel to your outlets. These devices protect against any surges that originate inside your home.

Deluxe Protection

Our second-level offering extends the protection of your home. The deluxe protection protects specific devices against surge dangers that can cause massive damage. With this protection, your home will be secured against surges that may occur because of storms.

Optimal Protection

To get the very highest level of protection, we recommend combining our first and second-level offerings. In addition to the panel and deluxe protection, we offer noise filtration and energy savings. We have upgraded our plan to ensure you have the very best surge protection available.

Andre was courteous and professional. He explained everything with the furnace super boost. He even changed the filters for me. Milestone has earned my business....
— Candy Williams

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If you need expert Electricians who offer a range of services, contact Milestone today. Our Technicians have each been carefully vetted through background checks and drug hair testing. You will not have to worry about your safety or comfort.

Our Electricians are highly trained professionals who take their jobs seriously. Our Team goes the extra mile to ensure you are highly satisfied. The Milestone Promise guarantees your satisfaction. If you are unhappy with our services, we will not leave your home until you are. If we cannot make it right, we will refund your money.

Your customer service experience begins the moment you call our office. We will provide you with the best support and ensure all of your questions are answered, so you experience greater peace of mind.

Contact us today and one of our friendly customer service representatives will answer your call. If you contact our office by ten in the morning, we can come out for same-day service.

Your family’s safety and comfort are our top priorities. We will work to ensure your home’s electronics and appliances are protected at all times. Call us today for Whole House Surge Protection in Prosper, TX.