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Prosper’s Best Heater Technicians

Room uncomfortable?
Uneven room temperatures?

We handle all things heating for your home!

Prosper’s Best Heater Technicians

Room uncomfortable?

Uneven room temperatures?

We handle all things heating for your home!



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Heater Maintenance in Prosper, Texas

Keeping Your Home Warm When it Matters Most

Although the temperature may drop during the winter months, Texas normally sees warmer temperatures than many other parts of the country. Rarely does the thermometer drop below freezing and stay that way for several days. However, every homeowner in the state must prepare for freezing weather conditions or risk damage to the home and harm to their loved ones.

Nobody wants to be cold in their own home. To prevent this from happening, have the furnace maintained regularly. Milestone assists customers with this task and will be happy to do the same for you.

Preparing for the Cold

Heater manufacturers recommend yearly service calls for furnaces. However, some homeowners find they need this task completed twice a year. Don’t put off making the call. Contact us early in the fall to ensure the system is ready when the temperature drops. Freezing weather could happen early in the season or not occur until spring is near. Either way, it’s best to be prepared when cold weather arrives.

When the heater sits unused for a period, contaminants build up in the unit and in the ductwork. The technician clears these contaminants during the maintenance call and ensures the system works as it should. This provides you with peace of mind knowing loved ones won’t get cold when it is frigid outside.


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Thermostat Checks

One thing many homeowners overlook when maintaining the system is the thermostat. However, this vital component must undergo an examination to ensure it functions as it should. Temperature readings and thermostat tests make certain this is the case. The heater should respond promptly to any changes in the temperature setting. If it doesn’t, the heater won’t operate properly.

If the thermostat fails, the system may overheat the home or the house may never get warm. High energy bills become a concern as well. When our technician comes out for a maintenance call, they do temperature and thermostat tests to ensure you won’t have problems when the system is needed.

Additional Testing

Furnaces and other heating devices include many moving parts. When one part fails, the other components won’t work as intended. Although the system may continue to run, the failing part could result in damage to other components. This leads to costly repair bills and a shortened lifespan for the unit.

Furthermore, any failing parts make the system work harder than it should, which leads to higher energy bills. During the maintenance call, the technician inspects all moving parts to ensure they work as intended. They identify any parts at risk of failure and alert you to these potential problems. In addition, the HVAC experts make necessary adjustments to the system and carry out any necessary repairs. However, before doing so, they discuss repair and maintenance options with you.

Manufacturer Recommendations

Most furnaces come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty remains in effect so long as the owner follows all manufacturer’s guidelines regarding maintenance. A failure to follow the instructions could lead to the manufacturer invalidating the warranty.

Review the warranty terms. They often include a provision stating the unit requires professional maintenance to keep the warranty in force. Our Milestone technicians perform the work according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Efficiency Testing

Most homeowners don’t know when their system is failing. It isn’t until they get a high electric or gas bill that they wonder what is happening. Heating and cooling can account for half of the average home’s energy bills, so you need to know your furnace is operating efficiently to keep these costs down.

Our Milestone technicians test the efficiency of the system to learn whether it is using excessive energy. When they find that it is, they make adjustments to reduce the energy usage or recommend other changes to keep these costs under control.

Andre came today to repair our A/C unit. He was very professional and informed us of steps along the way. He was kind enough to answer all our questions. Work was done in timely manner and to our sati...
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Milestone helps homeowners in and around Prosper maintain their heating systems, including furnaces. We’ve been assisting customers for 18 years and continue to grow, as we recognize the need for quality heating services. Our company is built on family values and we pride ourselves on our outstanding services and workmanship.

To ensure our customers receive the best service, we conduct a drug test and background check on every employee before we hire them. In addition, we require ongoing training to make certain they provide the highest level of service.

Every job we complete is backed with the Milestone Promise. We aren’t satisfied until you are. Call us for same-day appointment availability or reach out on nights, weekends, and holidays. We have technicians on call to help in your time of need.

When making this call, ask about our Apples to Apples guarantee. If a person finds the same service at a lower price, we beat this price by $100. Schedule a heater maintenance call today so you are ready for the cold and all that comes with it.