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Pro Tips from the Experts at Milestone

Best Practices for Keeping Your Drains Clean and Clear
One issue that we commonly face as homeowners is a clogged drain. Whether it is the sink, shower or toilet, we know that some clogs are simply unavoidable. Lucky for us, most plumbing issues can actually be prevented with just a few easy steps! We recommend being proactive when it comes to your home’s plumbing […]
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AC Won’t Turn On? AC Not Cooling Your House?
There are several reasons why you can have difficulty with your air conditioner. The two most common concerns professionals hear from homeowners is that their AC won’t turn on or that their cooling system isn’t adequately cooling the home. These important problems could have a simple solution. Milestone has provided a list of a few […]
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4 Reasons Keeping Up with Your Air Filter Replacement Is Important Learn more
3 Tips for Fixing a Toilet Leak
Do you have a leaky toilet? If so don’t worry, we have some helpful tips to help save your bathroom and any rooms below it from severe water damage. Repairing a toilet leak, like many plumbing repairs, is best left to the professionals who have the knowledge and experience necessary to quickly diagnose and repair […]
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