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Why Is My Air Conditioner Freezing Up?

When someone comes home after a day at work or out in the sun, they want their home to be cool and refreshing. It is never fun to deal with an air conditioner freezing up. Many people believe an air conditioner will not freeze during the summer because of the heat outdoors, but it happens. The air conditioner is alerting the homeowner to a problem within the system and the need for an AC repair.

The average homeowner cannot complete this air conditioning repair. They need the help of a licensed HVAC technician. However, prevention remains the best option. How can a person know their AC unit is in danger of freezing?

Signs an Air Conditioner Freezing Problem Is On the Horizon

Check the supply registers regularly. If they feel warm, call for an air conditioner repair. Open the service panel and see if ice is visible inside. However, do not assume a lack of ice means the unit is running optimally. Call for an AC unit repair if anything changes with the system to catch problems early and keep repair costs down. All the following may lead to an air conditioner freezing.

Restricted Airflow

Any blockage in the HVAC system could lead to humidity settling on the coils and freezing. Change the filters in the system regularly to prevent blockages and keep the air flowing. Air filters cost little, so changing them routinely is not an issue. In addition, have the system regularly maintained and tuned by a licensed technician. The technician looks for problems that interfere with the airflow and corrects them during these visits. Ask the technician how often to change the filter based on conditions within the household. 

If your air conditioner is frozen, immediately turn it off to prevent damage. Let the unit defrost and replace the air filters. Once the air conditioner thaws, which typically takes one to three hours, turn the fan on. Do not start the air conditioner. Allow the fan to run for an hour, and check the air filter. Change it again if the filter is clogged. Ensure the fan continues running, as this dries the evaporator coils. Call for an air conditioner repair if this does not resolve the issue. Do not rush the process of letting the air conditioner thaw. Running the air conditioner while the unit is frozen could harm the compressor. Replacing the compressor is costly, so allow the AC to thaw completely before doing anything else. 

Mechanical Issues

Air conditioners contain many moving parts. If one part breaks, gets stuck, or becomes clogged, it affects other pieces in the system. When a part fails, the pressure within the system drops. The refrigerant expands and decreases in temperature. The air conditioner might freeze in this situation. Furthermore, a refrigerant leak can lead to AC freezing. 

Call an air conditioning repair company to have a trained technician visit your home and resolve the matter. A licensed technician must handle the refrigerant because it is toxic to humans and harmful to the environment. The technician will ensure that they fix the problem while complying with all rules and regulations.

Low Outdoor Temperatures

A person might think their air conditioner would not need to work hard on cool summer nights. If the temperature outdoors drops too low, however, it can lead to problems with the HVAC system. Manufacturers calibrate air conditioners to operate within certain temperature thresholds. When the temperature drops below this threshold, the air conditioner may freeze.

Call for an AC repair. When our technician visits your home, consider investing in a programmable thermostat. The thermostat will automatically turn the AC off when the temperature outdoors drops below a certain threshold.

If a programmable thermostat isn’t an option, monitor outdoor temperatures. When the temperature is expected to drop below 60 degrees, turn the air conditioner off. Open the windows in your home and allow fresh air to cool the residence. Don’t panic if the AC in your home freezes up. Many people assume they are looking at a high AC unit repair bill. The problem may be easily resolved at very little cost.

Help for All Types of AC Issues

The easiest way to prevent the AC from freezing is through regular maintenance and tune-ups. Milestone is available to provide a full range of AC services. We will send a technician to your home to inspect the unit and maintain it. In addition, our technicians will provide ways to keep the system running optimally between service visits. 

With our help, a homeowner can keep their system up and running year-round while saving money. Contact us online or call (214) 267-2405 or (817) 267-2405 for all your AC repair, maintenance, and installation needs.