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Why Is My Air Conditioner So Loud?

Today’s air conditioners work quietly, and most of us don’t think about the sounds they make until they are louder than normal. It’s best not to disregard these changes, though, as they may indicate developing problems. ACs get loud for several reasons, the most common of which are listed below.

Freezing Over

It’s possible to have too much of a good thing, and your AC is no exception. Air conditioners freeze up for a few reasons, with overuse being the most common. A frozen part can’t complete its range of motion, and it may make loud buzzing noises. Luckily, the fix is simple; simply turn the unit off and allow it to thaw before using it again. If the problem recurs, there may be a compressor leak that requires air conditioning repair.

Loose Parts

In most instances, low humming sounds do not point to serious problems with an air conditioner. These air conditioner noises are often due to vibrating loose parts, such as fan blades, refrigerant pipes, and panels. Although most loose parts can be retightened easily, others may create significant issues if not addressed promptly.

Broken Components

Detached and broken parts often make clanging and banging noises that sound like they’re coming from inside the unit. Parts like piston pins, crankshafts, connecting rods, and internal blowers are prone to disconnection and breakage. If the problem lies in the compressor, the part will likely need to be replaced by a specialist in air conditioner repair.

Defective Controls and Malfunctioning Thermostats

It’s normal to hear a few clicks as an air conditioner turns off and on, but it is unusual to hear such sounds during use. Once the AC is on, clicking noises may indicate problems with the controls or the thermostat, which are usually due to underlying electrical issues. These problems can be dangerous if left unresolved, and it’s best to call a professional for AC repair if your air conditioner is making clicking sounds while it’s on.

Loose or Bent Fan Blades

If you hear sounds that resemble those a helicopter makes, it’s usually due to the failure of one of the system’s fans. When fan blades are bent, loose, or hitting other components, it can cause widespread problems within a cooling system.

Clogs Caused by Outside Debris

Rattling noises can be due to various issues, but they are often caused by leaves, branches, and other debris that has become lodged inside the outdoor air conditioner unit. While it may seem like a minor inconvenience, debris can create serious problems for your cooling system. 

Faulty Ductwork

Hissing and whistling noises are typically caused by cracks and holes in a home’s ductwork. Local air conditioning repair specialists like those at Milestone will find and fix these flaws, restoring your system’s quiet operation.

Refrigerant Leaks

A loud, high-pitched whistle is another sound that indicates problems within an air conditioning system. If your air conditioner makes these loud noises, turn it off and do not use it until it receives service. Refrigerant leaks cause most of these sounds, and they can be damaging to AC units and your health.

Can a Loud Air Conditioner Be Fixed?

Although many of these causes require professional intervention, some air conditioner noises have simple solutions. If your cooling system makes more noise than expected, a few quick checks may help uncover the issue. Before calling for AC unit repair, try taking these steps.

  • Remove debris that causes clogs and makes noise. 
  • Change the indoor air filter or clean the one on the outdoor unit.
  • Check for loose parts regularly. They are easy to see and tighten. Use household tools to remove the top of an outdoor unit after the system is shut down.

Like your health, it’s easier to prevent AC issues than it is to resolve them. Seasonal maintenance will help technicians uncover minor issues and stop the noise. Schedule a tune-up now and keep your air conditioner running smoothly all season.

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