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North Richland Hills’ Best IAQ Technicians

Dust in your home?
Musty smell from air vents?

We handle all things indoor air quality for your home!

North Richland Hills’ Best IAQ Technicians

Dust in your home?

Musty smell from air vents?

We handle all things indoor air quality for your home!



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Indoor Air Quality in North Richland Hills

Quality Air Means Quality Life

Most people give little thought to the quality of the air inside their homes. The problem is that airborne contaminants may not be visible, but they can still have a serious impact on residents’ health.

The fact that airborne contaminants are invisible doesn’t mean there’s no way to tell there’s a problem with the home’s indoor air quality. Don’t wait until your family is suffering from allergy symptoms, headaches, and fatigue to call for professional help. Pay attention to warning signs like constant dust and unusual smells.

If you’re looking for an expert air quality technician that can help to create a healthy environment for the whole family, look no further than Milestone. We provide clean air assessments in North Richland Hills, TX, that test for all kinds of airborne contaminants.

Milestone understands the needs of our customers, which is why we hire only the best HVAC experts. We work to make sure the air inside your home is the best quality possible. We offer indoor air quality assessments, HVAC maintenance, and a detailed plan to combat any contaminants in your home. We have the solutions that will ensure your indoor air quality is safe for your family.


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Trust the Clean Air Experts

The experts at Milestone know how important it is to keep your family healthy. Eliminating airborne contaminants is one of the best ways to do that.

Common household contaminants often include:

  • Pet hair or dander
  • Pollen and other allergens
  • VOCs from cleaning chemicals
  • Smoke and tar
  • Pesticides
  • Mold
  • Other organic compounds


If any of these unwanted particles are contaminating the air in your home, Milestone’s clean air assessments will uncover them. After our assessments, we talk to homeowners about the quality of the air in their homes and recommend the best options for improving it.

Milestone even offers same-day appointments to clients that call before 10 am. If you’re worried about airborne contaminants negatively impacting the family’s health, we’re just a phone call away.

Every Texas Home Deserves a Breath of Fresh Air

The fact that poor indoor air quality is difficult to detect doesn’t mean it won’t have negative consequences. People with underlying respiratory problems like asthma or allergies may not experience symptoms right away, but breathing contaminated air is bad for everyone.

Make sure the whole family knows to look for the following symptoms, which often indicate a problem with indoor air quality:

  • Frequent coughing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Frequent headaches
  • Feelings of fatigue
  • Congestion or stuffy noses


While some of these symptoms can also be caused by seasonal allergies and other underlying health issues, that doesn’t mean you should rule out poor indoor air quality as a culprit. When family members or frequent guests start to experience symptoms while in the home, that’s usually a sign it’s time to schedule a clean air assessment.

You don’t have to leave the family’s health up to chance. Schedule an assessment with Milestone today so that we can help to make sure your family has clean, healthy air to breathe.

HVAC Systems and Indoor Air Quality

One of the primary factors that influence indoor air quality is the state of your HVAC system. If you haven’t been having the heater, air conditioner, and ducts cleaned and maintained regularly, there’s a good chance mold and other pollutants have found their way into the system. Each time you turn the HVAC system on, those contaminants are blown through the registers and into te home.

The good news for local homeowners is that Milestone doesn’t just offer clean air assessments. We also provide a full range of solutions. No matter what factors are contributing to your home’s air quality issues, we can fix them.

Trust the Best in the Industry

You deserve to work with the best air quality technicians Texas has to offer. When you work with Milestone, that’s just what you’ll get. We know that performing a clean air assessment correctly requires knowledge, skill, and experience. Each of our technicians checks all three of those boxes.

Each Milestone employee goes through a background check, drug screen and, most importantly, rigorous training before being sent out on even one job. When we send a technician to your home, the whole family can be confident that they’ll receive quality services from a reliable technician. In fact, we’re so confident in our technicians that we offer the Milestone Promise. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the service received, we’ll do what it takes to make it right.

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Schedule a Clean Air Assessment

You can call Milestone to schedule a clean air assessment any day of the week. If you call before 10 am, we often have same-day appointment availability. Milestone’s expert technicians are also available 24/7 to provide emergency services.

Don’t wait to schedule an appointment. The problem will only get worse. The sooner you call Milestone to schedule a professional indoor air quality assessment, the better off the family’s health will be. Give us a call today.