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North Richland Hills’ Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?
Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!

North Richland Hills’ Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!



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Electrical Fixture Services in North Richland Hills

Taking Care of The Little Things

Just about everyone has heard the axiom, “it’s the little things that count.” Here at Milestone, we agree. We don’t just provide care for your home’s electrical wiring but also for every one of its small but essential fixtures.

At Milestone, our technicians are trained to pay attention to even the tiniest of details regarding light switches, ceiling fans, and other fixtures. We know that it’s our job to ensure everything is in order, including the seemingly minor things.

Modern homeowners don’t just install new lighting fixtures when their old ones stop working as intended. It’s just as common for people to replace fixtures when they remodel rooms to reflect a different style. Milestone’s electricians are just as committed to helping with stylistic changes as they are to sorting out electrical issues.

The best way to keep all of your fixtures in proper working order is to schedule regular maintenance. Our trained electricians will use maintenance visits as an opportunity to identify potential problems before they arise and install new fixtures so your lighting arrangements are always set up for success.


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Expert Service Is a Call Away

The experts at Milestone can handle any type of home electrical system repair or installation. The fact that there’s no job too large doesn’t mean they won’t be available for minor problems. We’ll still respond as quickly as possible to requests for help with light switches, ceiling fans, and other fixtures. Give us a call before 10 am to take advantage of our same-day appointment availability. Even if all you want is to replace a light switch, our electricians will arrive on time.

Each Milestone electrician has undergone hours of extensive training, so providing electrical fixture services will be a breeze. We also perform drug screens and background checks on all new hires as an additional precaution. You can rest assured that anyone from Milestone who enters your home is a reputable and trustworthy expert.

Ceiling Fan Installations

North Richland Hills, TX, sees some seriously warm temperatures in the summer. Whether this is your first summer in town or your 50th, you’ll want to make sure all the home’s ceiling fans are operating properly to keep air circulating throughout the home. You don’t need to sweat through hot Texas summer days. Milestone’s electricians can perform ceiling fan repairs and installations any time of the year.

Attention to Detail

Every home is a representation of its occupants and their values, and the smallest details matter. Whether you want to change the color of the light switches or want to update the design of the ceiling fans, our team of experts can help. Milestone’s electricians will always respect your specific design needs when completing any repairs or system updates.

Each member of our dedicated team of electricians knows how important it is to find the perfect type of light fixture for every space in a client’s home. We want all customers to get the most out of their lights. Our electricians are just a call away, and they’ll always pay attention to minor details.

Are you worried your stylistic preferences might change? When you work with Milestone, that’s no problem. We’re prepared to upgrade a home’s fixtures as trends and styles change and residents’ tastes evolve. Needless to say, we can also help with any problems that arise with a home’s light fixtures.

The Milestone Promise

Customer service is always our number-one priority. From your first phone call through the final inspection, we want your experience to be perfect, which is why we offer the Milestone Promise. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the level of service our technicians provide, the technicians will keep working until you are or we’ll refund your money. It’s important to us that every one of our team members respects and upholds the company’s values, and we trust them to do just that.

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Schedule Electrical Fixture Services in North Richland Hills, TX

When you’re ready to upgrade the home’s electrical fixtures, give us a call. The experts at Milestone believe that every detail matters, so our electricians are always available to help. We can schedule a new fixture installation at a time that works for you.

If something goes wrong with your fixtures, you also know just who to call. Milestone offers 24/7 emergency services to accommodate customers who need to have their fixtures fixed fast. We always want you to feel satisfied with the level of care provided, so give us a call. We provide professional electrical fixture installation services, and there’s no job that’s too big or too small.