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Room uncomfortable?
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We handle all things heating for your home!

Highland Park’s Best Heater Technicians

Room uncomfortable?

Uneven room temperatures?

We handle all things heating for your home!



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Furnace Maintenance in Highland Park, Texas

Keeping Your Home Warm When it Matters Most

Texas typically experiences mild winters, but every homeowner must prepare for fluctuating temperatures. Countless people across the state found they weren’t equipped for freezing weather when the cold snap hit that left homes across the state without power. Prepare for these events by maintaining your service according to the manufacturer’s requirements. This ensures the unit works when you need it most.

If you need help with furnace maintenance in Highland Park, call Milestone today. Our Technicians will assist you with this task and do so with a smile on their faces.


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Preparing for Winter

Most furnace manufacturers call for maintaining your furnace a minimum of once a year, although twice is better. Contact Milestone early in the fall, so you are ready if the temperature drops early. However, call us anytime for help with your furnace.

While you may feel you don’t need the unit serviced, pollutants build up in the system as it sits. Nobody wants to breathe in allergens, dirt, and debris when the furnace turns on, but that happens when you don’t maintain the unit. During the furnace maintenance call, the Technician clears the system of these items so you can breathe freely once again.

Thermostat Testing

Temperature testing remains a crucial part of a furnace maintenance visit. The furnace needs to respond to the thermostat regardless of the setting. When this device malfunctions, the heater doesn’t function as intended.

The malfunctioning thermostat can cause the furnace to overheat or under heat the home. Energy bills rise. During the maintenance call, the Technician tests the thermostat and temperature to make certain everything works as intended.

Additional Testing

The thermostat and temperature aren’t the only things our Milestone Technician checks during a maintenance visit. Furnaces contain multiple moving parts, and a problem in one part could lead to the entire system failing.

Parts and Components Testing

Your heater has a lot of parts that all need to work together to ensure it is running properly. If just one part or component is off, it could compromise the entire system. However, the system could continue working when a small part fails. This malfunction could lead to the system working harder than it should and reduce the lifespan of the unit.

Furthermore, any problems within the system could bring about higher energy bills. Our trained Technicians examine all components of the heating system to detect any problems. If the system needs adjustments, they take care of them during this visit. When a repair is required, the Technician shares this with you and offers you options to get the system up and running properly once again.

Manufacturer's Guidelines

Furnace manufacturers provide a warranty on their units. Homeowners must understand that they have to abide by the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding maintenance to keep the warranty in effect. A failure to do so could lead to the warranty being invalidated.

Work with a professional to ensure this won’t happen. Our Milestone Technicians know what manufacturers require with furnace maintenance and will ensure your unit remains in compliance.

Devon was very professional and courteous while at my house installing 2 ceiling fans. He took time to explain to my Wife what the initial issue was that prompted the call after we found an issue whi...
— Christopher Parrish

Furnace Efficiency

Homeowners cannot know when their system is running inefficiently unless they see a rise in energy bills. Heating costs often make up 50 percent of a person’s energy bills during the cold months. An inefficient system drives these costs higher.

Our Technicians know how to keep your system running efficiently. They make adjustments where needed to make certain this is the case. Furthermore, they’ll talk with you about changes you can make to keep your energy costs low and your home warm.

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Furnace Maintenance Near You

When you need heater maintenance in Highland Park, Texas, call Milestone. Our Technicians have been serving homeowners in the area since 2004 and we continue to expand to better meet your needs.

Customers know they can count on us thanks to our Milestone Promise. Our Technicians remain on the job until you are satisfied.

We hire only the best in the industry and require employees to undergo a background check and drug tests. Furthermore, we expect them to be friendly, professional, and courteous at all times.

Ask about our same-day appointment availability and call us anytime a furnace issue arises. We have Technicians on call 24 hours a day to help you address these problems.

Our Apples to Apples price match guarantee ensures you never pay more than you must for furnace maintenance and repairs. When you find a competitor who does exactly what we do for a lower price, we not only match this price but beat it by $100.

Schedule your heater maintenance visit with Milestone today, so you’ll feel confident knowing the furnace will work when temperatures drop.