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Highland Park’s Best Plumbers

Clogged toilet?
Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!

Highland Park’s Best Plumbers

Clogged toilet?

Shower draining slowly?

We handle all things drain cleaning in your home!



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Drain Cleaning in Highland Park, Texas

Making Sure Everything Flows Smoothly

No homeowner wants to deal with sinks that are clogged, toilets that have backed up, or other drain issues. When facing drain issues, it’s completely normal to feel concerned, confused or frustrated. After all, they cause major problems in any household.

If the toilet floods or a sink stops working correctly, a fast phone call to Milestone will get you the help you need. We will make sure the problem is corrected in a hurry. Friendly plumbers from Milestone can provide drain cleaning in Highland Park. At Milestone, we only hire the most trusted experts to work on your home.

Plumbers from Milestone are able to diagnose and fix issues in less time, ensuring you’re back to enjoying your home without having to stay at home for hours waiting for an appointment. If your drain stops working in your home, you know who to call to get the right help to have it fixed fast.

If you own a home, you’ve likely experienced a number of repairs already. One of the most common repairs we handle is drain cleaning. Many pipes are used within the house to bring water too and from the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and more. When the drains don’t work, it’s a big problem that needs to be fixed fast.

If you’re having any issues with the drains in your home, Milestone plumbers are able to help. Call before 10 am for same-day services. If we can’t be there the same day, you don’t have to pay the service fee.


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Drain Cleaning

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Experts in Drain Cleaning

By hiring Milestone plumbers to fix the clogged sink or toilet flood, you’re getting the best help available. Each Milestone plumber goes through thousands of hours of training and courses to make sure they understand every detail of plumbing systems and how to fix drainage issues like clogged sinks.

Milestone is a family-owned and operated company, so we understand being worried about letting a stranger come into the home to do work. This worry is why we have all team members go through a background check as well as drug tests before being hired. We don’t want anyone on the team that we wouldn’t feel safe inviting into our home.

It’s not unusual for plumbing fixtures to stop working or develop a problem with time. However, drainage problems don’t have to ruin the day, as Milestone is available to help. We know how crucial it is to have a functional drainage system, which is why we work on holidays and weekends.

Our team will make sure that all issues are taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about the same problem happening again. If you’re worried about spending the money to have the drains cleaned, you can feel more comfortable knowing that our services are backed by the Milestone Promise. We’ll keep working until you are satisfied with the results, so you can always be sure the job is done right and to your satisfaction.

When to Call the Pros for Drain Issues

Plenty of hardware shops carry chemical cleaners and similar products for drain cleaning, but the reality is, it’s possible to end up causing more problems by trying to fix the issue without help. Whenever you experience the following issues, it’s a much better idea to call Milestone for help.

Slow Drain

It may seem like a slow drain is a minor issue, but it’s going to become worse, sometimes quickly. Slow drains can be a sign of obstructions, mineral or grease blockages, or poor grading for the drainage system.

Clogs that Come Back

Once a clog is cleared, it shouldn’t come back again. If it does, it’s not completely eliminated the first time. At Milestone, we have the professional equipment to get rid of it the first time, so it won’t come back.

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Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!


Sewage backups are the most serious issues. If there is flooding in the lowest level of the home, it’s likely due to a clog and it’s only a matter of time before it gets worse, leaving polluted water on the floors.

Bad Smells

Sewer smells that come from the drains indicate a severe problem that needs to be fixed by the pros. It’s likely there are contaminants that need to be cleared from the drains.

Customer Service

At Milestone, we want to make sure you always receive the best in customer service. If you’re suffering from drain issues, call us today to have it fixed fast. We’ll make sure you don’t have to worry about the drains anymore.