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Water Filtration in Highland Park, Texas

You Can Trust Your Water With Us

Water supplied by a municipality comes to the home clean and ready to use. However, that water contains small contaminants that it collects as it makes its way through the pipes to the home. If the tap water in your home has an unpleasant smell or taste, invest in a water filtration system.

This filtration system removes contaminants so you have tasty water once again. In addition, the system reduces or eliminates the need for bottled water, so families find it to be friendly to both their wallets and the environment.


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How Clean Is the Water?

Milestone cares about our customers and understands how upsetting it is when there are concerns about water quality. When you call us, we’ll visit your home and test the water supply to learn what contaminants are present. We care about your health and want to ensure using or drinking this water won’t harm you.

With this test, we determine the water hardness and the pollutants present. This information allows us to determine which solution or solutions are appropriate for the home. Once the water filtration system is in place, we retest the water to ensure it is free of contaminants and the system operates as it should.

Water Filtration in Trophy Club

If you wish to have a water filtration or water softener system installed in Trophy Club, Milestone stands ready to help. We understand you may be reluctant to let strangers into your home. Our technicians undergo a rigorous vetting process before we hire them to ensure it’s safe to let them in.

Each employee working for our company must pass a drug test and background check before we hire them. In addition, we conduct random drug tests throughout their employment with us. We only hire technicians who are fully licensed and extensively trained to ensure they do the job right the first time.

Water Filtration or Water Softener?

Many factors play roles in water quality. For this reason, you must know which type of system will most benefit the home.

Water filtration systems remove contaminants from the water to improve the quality. These contaminants lead to the unpleasant taste of the water. The filtration system removes most contaminants, including metals, sulfur, and salts, improving the taste of the water. Well water also benefits from a filtration system.

Water softeners, in contrast, remove minerals from the water. While a person can drink hard water, it irritates the skin. If your skin is dry and irritated, hard water might be the cause.

If there is a residue on dishes after you clean them, you have hard water. The excess calcium and magnesium in the water lead to this buildup and also accumulate on faucets. A water softener system removes these minerals to extend the lifespan of plumbing fixtures in the home. Milestone installs, repairs, and maintains both types of systems.

Which System to Buy?

We cannot know which system to recommend until we come to your home and test the water. With the information learned from these tests, we’ll offer an opinion on which system you need. When the water has few contaminants but is hard, we suggest a water softener system.

We had a great experience. Everyone was very professional and made the whole process very easy to understand. They SAVED us during this Texas summer! Absolutely loved! Michael, Jose and Erik were amaz...
— Tika Torres

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

The Milestone Promise

Milestone operates differently than most competitors. When we arrive at your home, our primary goal is to satisfy you. We recognize this is your home and you know what is best for it. To ensure your satisfaction, we promise to remain on the job until you are happy. We refer to this as our Milestone Promise, and we’re the only company to offer it in Trophy Club.

Without our customers, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and we always remember that. We treat each person we work with as family, which is why we go beyond the Milestone Promise and offer an Apples-to-Apples price match guarantee. If you find a competitor offering a lower price on a job, we’ll match that price and beat it by $100.

These serve as two reasons customers rely on us for their water filtration and softener needs. We’re proud to say we have been honored with several awards for our work and have many Trophy Club residents as Milestone customers for life.

Whether you wish to have a water filtration system installed in the home or would like a water softener system, we can help. We’ll test the water and determine whether one or both systems would be of benefit in the home. Regardless of what these tests find, Milestone has the technicians and equipment to do the job right. Schedule your water quality test today.