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Highland Park’s Best Heater Technicians

Room uncomfortable?
Uneven room temperatures?

We handle all things heating for your home!

Highland Park’s Best Heater Technicians

Room uncomfortable?

Uneven room temperatures?

We handle all things heating for your home!



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Furnace Installation in Highland Park, Texas

Installing Your Heater Right The First Time

If your heater needs to be replaced, look no further than the experts at Milestone. Our team has completed countless furnace replacements throughout Highland Park area. Whether you have a new or older home, there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Dealing with the need for unexpected Heater Installation can seem stressful, but there are a lot of benefits to a new heater. We promise to make it a great experience and answer any questions you may have about heater options and installations.

Heater technology gets better every year, so heaters on the market today are more innovative and efficient than ever before. A new heater will typically allow more programming and customization options, and you are likely to see a decrease in your energy bill.

When choosing a new heater for your home, don’t try to make the decision alone. There are dozens of manufacturers, and navigating all the different features can be confusing. Milestone experts work with all top manufacturers and can help you find a heater that meets your needs.

Milestone has you covered for any Furnace Installation in Highland Park. Our technicians perform several checks to ensure the installation process is done correctly. Nobody does heating installs like us. We’re confident that you will be happy when you choose Milestone experts for this new investment in your home.

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Unit Sizing

A heating unit that is too big or too small for your home can eventually cause serious issues. If a unit is too big, you may pay more than you need to. If the unit is too small, you may have to run it constantly to keep your house warm.

When Milestone prepares for heater installation, technicians measure your home’s living spaces to determine what size heater you need. Rest assured your heater will be appropriately sized and meet the needs of you and your family.

Ductwork Inspection

Before a furnace installation, a Milestone technician will thoroughly inspect the home’s ductwork. An efficient furnace and efficient ductwork go hand in hand.

Your furnace heats the air, but that air won’t get to you without ductwork that is in good shape. Over time, ductwork experiences a lot of wear and tear and can develop holes, cracks, rusting, or other problems. If you replace ductwork when you replace your heater, you can get a warranty on both.

Energy Star Rating

Upgrading your heating system makes your home more energy efficient, a considerable benefit. Most heater manufacturers use an Energy Star rating that indicates what type of energy efficiency you can expect.

However, not all energy-efficient heating systems are created equal. Milestone technicians are energy efficiency professionals and can help you choose a system that provides your target efficiency level.

Thermostat Inspection

A new heating system isn’t effective without a functioning thermostat. Thermostats measure your home’s temperature and let the heating system know when it needs to turn on and off. A malfunctioning thermostat can cause problems that include an overheated house. Our technicians perform tests during heater installation to ensure your thermostat works well.

I was really pleased by the service that I received from Milestone service, their workers are informed and gave me clarification as to what he would recommend and why....
— Darryl Summers

When to Get a New Furnace

It can be challenging to determine whether need Furnace Replacement or should schedule repairs. Your heater’s age is one indicator. If the system is over 15 years old, it probably needs replacing. The constant need for repairs is another strong signal that a unit is reaching the end of life.

Milestone professionals won’t recommend a new furnace unless it is necessary, but we also won’t encourage you to keep making repairs on a system that’s on its last legs. If you are unsure how to proceed, contact us today to discuss your options.

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Trust Milestone for Quality Furnace Installation

Milestone has been in business since 2004 and proudly serves the Highland Park area. We’ve prioritized quality work and excellent customer service since day one.

Our HVAC technicians are skilled professionals who view every job as working in their own home. We screen all applicants thoroughly before hiring them, so you can trust everyone we send to your home.

The Milestone team understands that investing in a new heating system can seem overwhelming and confusing. That’s why all of our technicians are thoroughly trained, familiar with the top heating manufacturers, and able to help you make the best decision. They will also discuss maintenance costs, installation costs, and alternative recommendations.

If you are looking for the right team for a furnace replacement, call Milestone today and benefit from our industry-leading guarantee. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee–or your money back. We’re not done if you’re not 100% satisfied with our workmanship. We always make it right.