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Sump Pump Services in Highland Park, Texas

Protecting You When You Need It Most

Many Texans have never even heard of sump pumps, but that’s starting to change. These crucial appliances are designed to remove any water that collects in a home’s basement or crawlspace to prevent damage during all kinds of floods.

Many homes have sump pumps, so chances are good that yours does, too. If you’ve never taken the time to inspect the pump or evaluate its condition, though, it may not do any good.

The experts at Milestone work with sump pumps every day. Whether you’re looking into sump pump installation for the first time or need to have an aging pump replaced, we’re here to help. Each of our Technicians has seen the potential consequences of not having a sump pump, so we all want our neighbors in Highland Park to know how important they really are.


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The Importance of Sump Pumps

Highland Park, TX, receives an average of nearly 41 inches of rain per year. In recent years, weather patterns have become more unpredictable, and flood events have been on the rise across the state of Texas. Properly installed sump pumps can dramatically reduce a home’s chances of flooding even during serious storms.

If you’ve never dealt with a flooding problem before, it may seem like sump pump installation isn’t really necessary. However, all homes are susceptible to water damage. Sump pumps don’t just help to protect against storms. They also play an invaluable role in protecting your home when pipes burst or other plumbing problems occur.

How Sump Pumps Work

Most sump pumps in Highland Park, TX, can be found in crawl spaces. Because this is the lowest point in the home, it’s where the water drains if there’s a flood. The sump pump will be located in a basin to ensure that it’s as low as possible. When the basin fills with water, the pump engages, causing it to move the water up a discharge pipe and out of your home.

Sump pumps don’t just protect any belongings stored in your crawl space or located on the bottom floor of your home from water damage. They can also help to prevent structural damage to foundations, floors, and more. If your home doesn’t have a sump pump, you can call Milestone to schedule a sump pump installation right away.

Warning Signs of a Failing Sump Pump

Does your home already have a sump pump? If you’re not sure, now is the time to go check the crawl space. It’s also a good time to schedule an inspection to make sure the sump pump is in good working order.

What if the sump pump has already proven itself in recent storms? Even if it seems to be in good working order, you should keep an eye out for the warning signs of trouble described below.

Older Homes

If your home is more than a decade old and you’ve never had its sump pump serviced, there’s a good chance you’ll need a new one soon. Sump pumps are only designed to last seven to ten years even with proper maintenance. If yours hasn’t been inspected or maintained in over a decade, give us a call. We’ll send a Technician out to see if it’s still in good working order or if it’s time for a new sump pump installation.

Visible Rust

As with any metal appliance, rust and age go hand in hand with sump pumps. If you go to check the home’s sump pump for signs of wear and notice visible rust, take that as a red flag. The rust could be caused by old age or by bacteria, but either way, it’s time to have the sump pump inspected to ensure that it’s not clogged and a pump failure is not imminent.

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Noisy Operation

While no sump pump operates without any sounds, they’re not supposed to be noisy. Loud noises are a definite sign that there are worn or damaged parts somewhere within the pump assembly. Sometimes, those parts can be repaired or replaced. More often than not, though, it’s more cost effective to schedule a new sump pump installation.

Don't Wait Until Your Home Floods

There’s no need to wait until your home floods to schedule a new sump pump installation. You can trust our expert Plumbers to perform inspections and offer their professional opinions about the status of a home’s sump pump.

Whether you’re looking for a sump pump installation or maintenance, Milestone can help. Each of our Team Members undergoes thousands of hours of training, plus a background check and drug screening, before heading out on a single job.

We know that our Plumbers won’t disappoint you, which is why we offer The Milestone Promise. If you’re not 100% satisfied with the level of service our Team Members provide, we guarantee they’ll keep working until you’ve changed your mind. If you need a sump pump installation in Highland Park, TX, give Milestone a call.