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Highland Park’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?
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We handle all things
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Highland Park’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!



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Electrical Panel Services in Highland Park, Texas

Making Sure the Breakers Don’t Break!

Homes in Highland Park have plenty of unique devices and systems, including Electric Panels. Also known as a Breaker box, it may seem unremarkable at first, but it may just be the most powerful component in any home. Before getting into the house to be used, all electricity passes through the breaker system. If anything uses too much energy, it overloads the system and the breaker will cut off the supply. When this happens, call Milestone for help.

At Milestone, we have a team of Electricians highly skilled in electrical systems. If there may be an issue with the panel, a Technician can arrive at your home quickly, diagnose the issue, and tackle any repairs that are needed.


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What's an Electrical Panel?

Inside every home, there’s an electrical panel, as there would otherwise not be any power. The panel ensures that the electricity is circulated correctly through the house to power all devices and appliances. It can also help prevent severe damage that can happen with the wiring behind the walls because of the circuits. Circuits are the devices responsible for regulating how much energy goes into the home and to each appliance or device. If this overloads, the breaker trips, and that will stop the electricity. That is what it’s designed to do, so when it happens, it’s working correctly.

Where is the Panel Located?

It’s a good idea to know where the electrical panel is located in case there is an emergency. Panels can be in different places inside the home. In fact, if you compare the house to a neighbor’s home, they might not be in the same place. This can happen due to the age of the home. In newer homes, the electrical panel is usually found in the garage or outside the home. In older homes, it’s common to find the electrical panel inside the home in a closet or utility room.

Wherever the panel is located, make sure it is always accessible. There should be at least three feet of clearance around the electrical panel to make sure it’s easy to access when needed.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Though you’ll want to have a basic understanding of how a breaker box works, it’s never a good idea to try to upgrade it alone. Due to the safety requirements when upgrading a panel, it’s always a good idea to leave this to experienced professionals. A Technician from Milestone can take a look at your home and evaluate the panel’s safety and function. This helps you know whether it’s safe to use or if any repairs or upgrades are needed.

Depending on a number of factors, your panel may need quite a bit of work before it’s safe to use or it may be in excellent condition. Depending on the circumstances, it may be necessary to have emergency repairs done to keep the system operating safely. 

No matter what the condition is, an Electrician from Milestone can discuss any potential issues and let you know the results of the inspection. Our Electricians always recommend the top options for moving forward with repairs or upgrades.

Electrical Panel Replacements Near You

Often, our Electricians can handle panel repairs on the spot. Unfortunately, there are times when a repair won’t be enough, so it’ll be necessary to replace the entire panel. We only recommend this when there are no other safe options. A replacement may be suggested if the panel is more than 15 years old, if it has visible corrosion, if there are breaker bands used, or if there is rust. Do not remove the cover of an electrical panel without help from a licensed Electrician. 

We use Milestone for all of our electrical, plumbing and HVAC needs. Highly recommend them!...
— Jennifer Ellison

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Our Guarantee

Each time we work on something in your home, we want to make sure you’re satisfied with the work that’s done. Since we are committed to this, we offer the Milestone Promise, which says that our Technicians will not stop working until you are happy with the work they’ve done. If everything is not up to your expectations, you can receive the money back.

Expert Electricians in Highland Park

We know that your experience with Milestone begins the very first time you give us a call. That’s why we make sure you’re always helped by a qualified customer service representative. They are highly trained to provide the best service possible.

If you need electrical panel services, the experts from Milestone are ready to help. Call us now or use our online form to request an appointment today. We’ll be there fast to help you with any electrical panel services you may need.