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Fort Worth's Best A/C Maintenance

•Room that doesn’t cool or heat?

•High energy bills?

•We handle all things air conditioning for your home!


Fort Worth's Best A/C Maintenance

  • Room that doesn’t cool or heat?

  • High energy bills?

  • We handle all things air conditioning for your home!

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#1 A/C Tune-Up in Fort Worth, Texas

The Best of the Best: The Milestone Tune-Up

As a homeowner, you know that scheduling routine maintenance is a must when it comes to preventing AC issues, especially before the beginning of the hot Texas summer. Proper maintenance on your AC unit can help prevent common issues that lead to breakdowns. Scheduling The Milestone Tune-Up™ before you run your AC will help you discover issues faster and prevent them from leading to system failures. Our Milestone Technicians can complete your repairs ahead of time, allowing you to start your AC when you need to without facing any difficulties or service disruptions.

The Milestone Tune-Up™




The Milestone Tune-Up™




Seasonal Cleaning for AC Systems

With seasonal cleaning services, our Milestone Technicians will open the interior and exteriors for the AC system. We vacuum the unit inside and out to clean out the debris, as well as clean the indoor blower motor to remove dust that can spread throughout the system. Our Technicians will also gauge your unit’s refrigerant levels and determine if there are any leaks, as well as clean and test your condensation drain.

Each component must be cleaned individually to ensure all debris is gone. Debris on components such as the condenser coil or the vents could lead to further problems with your AC system. The Milestone Tune-Up™ will eliminate the build up inside your unit and keep your house system working as good as new.

Our Tune-Up Process

We provide the most comprehensive services in the area. While every system is different and will need unique services, you can expect the following services to be performed on your AC during an AC tune-up. 

  • Evaluating the Air Filters: Air filters must be changed appropriately to collect debris circulating through the AC system. We recommend that you change out the filters at least once a month to eliminate the debris build up. When completing routine maintenance, our Milestone Technicians will review the size of the air filter and ensure that it fits properly in the AC system.
  • Testing the Thermostat: Thermostats can provide a variety of options for temperatures in your home, and they may control more than the HVAC systems. If you ever have any issues with your thermostat, our Milestone Technicians will complete your repairs in a flash. If the thermostat cannot be repaired, our Technicians will recommend a replacement product. Programmable thermostats are a great option for AC systems, because it will give you more control over your HVAC system.


Excellence With the Milestone Tune-Up™

We recommend that you set up routine maintenance for your AC system before the end of spring. The services will begin with cleaning services that eliminate all debris from the system including pollen that accumulates throughout spring. Next, our Technicians will clean out the ductwork and vents to ensure proper airflow.

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Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Our Technicians will also inspect and test all the major components, and determine if there are any existing problems. Then, we will give you an estimate for the overall repair. Since you set up the services ahead of time, any existing issues will be managed before you need to start up your AC unit. Comprehensive maintenance services eliminate common conditions that could present a problem after the AC is operating. By scheduling The Milestone Tune-Up™, you are extending the longevity of your AC system.

Milestone provides a variety of HVAC services, including complete maintenance services for all heating and cooling units. Our skilled Technicians will complete these services correctly the first time and leave you feeling comfortable in your home. We screen all of our workers and complete full criminal background checks so you won’t have to worry about risky workers entering your homes and completing services. You can learn more about setting up The Milestone Tune-Up™ in Fort Worth by contacting Milestone today!