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Farmers Branch’s Best Plumbers

Toilet running?

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We handle all things plumbing for your home!



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Sump Pump Services in Farmer's Branch, Texas

Protecting You When You Need It Most

Homeowners have so many things to manage and maintain. Each house is full of various systems and components. Some of these operate, relatively unseen, and you may not give them much thought. Sump pumps are a bit like that. You may not give yours much thought. Until something goes wrong, many homeowners almost forget about their sump pumps. Ideally, this important piece of home equipment works as it should, and you simply don’t have to worry about it. However, if something does go wrong, you’ll need an experienced Technician in the Farmers branch to take care of things.


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What Is a Sump Pump Anyway?

If you’ve never had an issue with the sump pump in your house, you may not even know what it does. Milestone is happy to explain. A sump pump is a small machine that sits in the lowest part of your home. It will often be in the crawl space. Now you know why it’s so easy to forget! How often do you go into your crawl space anyway? Your sump pump has an important job. It helps prevent flooding in your crawl space and ensures that water doesn’t damage your home’s foundation. At Milestone, we have a team of Plumbers who specialize in sump pump installation, and who can repair sump pumps to keep them in working order. Call Milestone today, and we’ll help you keep your house dry and protected.

The Best Plumbers in Farmers Branch

When you own a home, you take on a lot of responsibility. That includes maintaining your home and deciding who you will trust to fix things when something goes wrong. At Milestone, we hire only the best experts to take care of your household systems. These Technicians are familiar with and experienced at working with all systems in your home ranging from your crawl space to your attic. Every Milestone Plumber must go through hours of in-depth training to learn all about residential plumbing systems. In addition to providing that foundation of training, all Plumbers undergo background checks and drug testing. You will feel secure allowing them in your home for sump pump installation, and other projects. You can count on Milestone for all of your sump pump maintenance and installation needs.

We Keep Your Sump Pump Working Hard

Texas isn’t a very rainy state, but when it does rain things get wet. This is when your sump pump is called into action. On most days, your sump pump simply sits. It’s inactive until you need it to do its job. This happens when the rain comes. As water builds up in the ground around your house, there’s a real danger of flooding or water damage. Thankfully, you have a sump pump and pit. That water gets funneled into your sump pit. This triggers your sump pump to turn on. It pumps the water away from your house into a sewer drain or other safe place.

Have you ever had a flood in your home? If so, you know what an awful, smelly mess that can be. You worry about water damage while the water is up. When it goes away, clean-up is a bit of a nightmare. Sump pumps are your protection from that.

It’s almost like an insurance policy against water damage. At Milestone, we work to keep your pump working, so that the insurance policy pays out. When we work in your home, we will clearly explain what we are doing and why. You are always welcome to ask questions about any of the work we are doing. If we encounter an unexpected problem, we will disclose it to you. Then, we can work together to find a solution.

Chris Killkelly is exceptional professional and skilled craftsman in our book. He came to our home to install a Utility Sink. Which was installed improperly originally on the laundry room granite top....
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We Pump Out Top-Rated Customer Service

Whether our Plumbers come into your home for a sump pump installation, or to repair a broken pump, you can expect nothing less than courteous professionalism. That said, we understand that your interaction with your service professional is only a part of your experience. We have the same dedication to customer satisfaction in all service areas. If you speak with a customer support agent, call us on the phone, or browse our website, keep your standards high. You deserve an excellent experience, and we want to know if anything doesn’t meet your expectations. Your Milestone service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If something goes wrong, you can count on us to make it right.

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