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Farmers Branch’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!



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Light Switch Services in Farmer's Branch, Texas

The Control Of The Switch Is In Your Hands

Switches are small devices, but they are important components of the electrical system. The little switch brings light or darkness to a home. If it becomes faulty, the entire household is left in darkness. Of course, Milestone doesn’t want your family to remain in darkness. That’s why we provide light switch services to address any troubles caused by faulty light switches.

We have certified and licensed experts to repair, install, and replace light switches. They have the skills to sort out any switch trouble, regardless of its complexity. You can count on Milestone to have your lights on throughout the home, thanks to our experienced and courteous Electricians.

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Light Switch


$39 Off Light Switch Services

Your Local Lighting Experts

Our skilled Electricians also reside in homes with light switches and know what happens when they don’t operate properly. Therefore, at Milestone, we understand the importance of functional light switches in homes. If you flip on a light switch and the lights don’t turn on, you need professional help. Don’t worry, as our Electricians are always ready to inspect your home’s light switches, diagnose the cause of the problem, and fix the issue correctly.

All our Electrician undergo a drug test and background check to ensure they are qualified and can be trusted with all electrical projects. We also thoroughly train our team of Electricians to equip them with skills to tackle all matters concerning light switches. Therefore, our customers can rest assured that the Electricians coming to your home for repairs, replacements, and installations are trustworthy. Our customers are our priority.

Causes of Faulty Light Switches

Light switches do more than just light up homes. They are vital in the electrical system, meaning that it is nerve-wracking when they develop faults. The team of experts at Milestone is experienced enough to understand the issues happening within a light switch and circuit. Light switches run in a series of circuits, but that isn’t complicated for our skilled Electricians. We will visit your home, inspect all the types of light switches in the house, and pinpoint the exact issue.

We guarantee that you won’t remain in darkness when you hire Milestone for all light switch inspections and repairs. When our Electricians arrive in your home, they share the results after inspecting light switches. We have friendly Electricians who are always willing to explain the findings and answer all questions.

We guarantee you transparency in all our light switches services. Also, we don’t proceed with the repair, replacement, or installation until you understand and agree to our solutions and the repair costs. Our Electricians will explain every step of their installation, replacement, or repairs so you understand and become part of our services.

Different Light Switches

Electricians from Milestone are conversant with the different types of light switches. That means you can rest assured you’ll receive dependable services irrespective of the type of electrical switches in your home.

Some of the common categories of switches may include single-pole, three-way, double-pole, dimmer, and multi-location switches. Electrical switches, as mentioned above, play an integral role in homes. They perform all expected functions and connect and break connectivity. Also, electric switches are essential for the functioning of home appliances.

Electric switches last for decades. However, they may break down after extensive use, necessitating the need for repairs or replacements. A failing switch will show signs of a problem, so pay attention to these signs and call Milestone for repairs and replacements. Some of the telltale signs of switch failure may include:

  • Noisy electric switch
  • Issues with light fixtures
  • The switch sparks
  • A switch gets too hot

Contact Milestone for repairs if your switches are damaged or you have old switches. Also, switches with outdated features require replacement. Our Electricians will inspect switches and recommend the best solution, depending on the extent of the damage.

Jon worked on our electrical box. We had problems with flickering lights and surges. He spent a lot of time diagnosing the issue and resolving. It was a very positive experience, highly recommend ...
— Donna Wright

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Superior Customer Services

Milestone understands the importance of good customer interactions with our Electricians. However, we also know that when our Technicians are in your home, that visit isn’t the only interaction we have with homeowners. That’s why we don’t neglect any area of our services.

Since our customer care service providers are highly trained and equipped, we always expect our customers will receive top-notch support and service. At Milestone, our team is dedicated to our promise of providing an excellent customer service experience. We also guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our Milestone Guarantee. If the services don’t meet your expectations, we will do everything possible to make things right. You can trust Milestone to provide affordable services without compromising on the quality of services.

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