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Whole House Surge Protection in Farmer's Branch, Texas

Safety for Your Electronics & Your Whole Home

What causes power surges in Texas? Both storms and power companies are famous for causing electrical surges in Texas homes. Each electrical surge or storm increases the chance of property, appliance, and electronic device damage.

How can a homeowner protect their home and belongings from dangerous power surges? Step one is to call Milestone. Milestone is a company that cares for its customers and works tirelessly to educate local Texas customers on the importance of whole house surge protection. Milestone has several options and services that can benefit North Texas customers.

A homeowner needs to know that it is smart to invest in whole house surge protection. This is how a homeowner can protect their computer and electronics from surge-related damage. What types of items are protected by whole house surge protection? This service can protect electronics items charging when a surge strikes, such as:

  • Laptops
  • Phones
  • Tablets
  • Activity trackers
  • Smartwatches

Surge protectors also protect the following items that are typically plugged in 24/7:

  • Appliances
  • Alarm clocks
  • TVs
  • Radios
  • Security systems
  • Electronic doorbells
  • HVAC systems


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Surge Protection

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Surge Protection From Metal Oxide Varistors

What are surge protectors made of? Surge suppressors are made of metal oxide varistors or MOVs. These handy devices come in both single and multiple MOV versions. If the MOV picks up a higher charge than normal, the device sends the potentially dangerous power surge back to the ground and away from the home.

Ask for a Multiple Surge Device

Many of the basic surge protectors are good for one single surge. Skip the single surge protection and instead look for a model that allows for multiple surges. Power surges can happen back to back, which is why a device that can handle multiple surges is a better option. Another benefit is that devices made for multiple surges are expected to last longer than single surge devices.

Insurance Does Not Cover Electrical Issues

Bad news for those dealing with broken items caused by a power surge, homeowner’s insurance likely will not cover the repair or replacement of the item. This is why homeowners need to have whole house surge protection in Farmers Branch. Not having a surge protector can mean every TV, charging cell phone, and expensive appliance ends up fried due to a power surge. Milestone specializes in this product and can go over the many benefits of whole house surge protection products for Texas homeowners.

They did a great job on the electrical safety check. They even changed all of the batteries in our smoke detectors. They did make one recommendation but it was not anything serious or that we felt we ...
— Angela Destro

Let Milestone ‘Fix it in a Flash' for You!

Surge Protector Warranties in Farmers Branch

You can rest easy knowing your electronics are protected. Milestone backs our products and services with a warranty. What does the warranty cover, and how long is the warranty period? Warranties vary by product, but they can last five to ten years. If a power surge damages electronics in the home, the warranty can cover up to $25,000.00 in electronic damages.

Different Levels of Surge Protection

Traditionally there are three levels of protection available for surge protection products. Homeowners who are not sure which level of protection they need for their home can give Milestone a call. Milestone helps Farmers Branch homeowners determine what is needed to keep electronic devices, appliances, and all other electronics in the home safe from electrical power surges.

Level One: Milestone's Panel Protection

Level one is panel protection. This means that the surge protector is installed on the home’s main breaker box. This type of unit provides surge protection to both the inside and outside of the home. Level one protects the home from electrical surges from the power company. This level of protection protects the entire home.

Level Two: Milestone's Deluxe Protection

The second level of surge protection is for surges that occur during an Electrician storm. The deluxe protection concentrates on the areas where sensitive electronics and appliances are plugged in. Level two does not protect the entire home.

Level Three: Milestone's Optimum Protection

Level three is the smartest option for Texas homeowners, as it protects from both electric storm surges and surges from the power company. Additionally, this protection offers energy savings and noise filtration. Customers wanting the best of the best should go with level three for whole-house surge protection.

The Best Customer Service in Farmers Branch

Those in Texas wanting great customer service should give Milestone a call. All customers are treated like royalty from start to finish. Milestone believes so strongly in offering superior customer service that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to Texas customers. This means if a customer is not completely satisfied, Milestone will work to correct the situation until they are.

Ready for whole-house surge protection in Farmers Branch, TX? Don’t delay. Call Milestone today!

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