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Farmers Branch’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?
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We handle all things
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Farmers Branch’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!



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Electrical Installation in Farmer's Branch, Texas

We’re Shockingly Good with Electrical Installs

Most homeowners take electricity for granted. They assume that setting the thermostat lower will always kick on the AC, flipping the switch will turn the light on, and turning the faucet will lead to a steady flow of water in the sink. Unfortunately, without correctly installed electrical circuits, wires, outlets, and fixtures, that’s not always the case. Electricity is what keeps all household systems running smoothly, and without it, none of these other systems would work.

Needless to say, electrical installations aren’t something to be taken lightly. Whether homeowners want new accent lighting or they need to install dedicated circuits for energy-hungry appliances, they can trust the expert Electricians at Milestone to help. These industry-leading professionals have experience with everything from lighting installation to upgrading electrical panels, so there’s nothing they can’t handle.


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Electrical Installations With Milestone

Proper electrical installations are about more than just getting the wiring right. It requires a high level of attention to detail. From choosing the right fixtures and locating them properly to ensuring that every switch, outlet, and accent light works as intended, homeowners can trust Milestone to help.

Every Electrician at Milestone receives thousands of hours of specialized training to ensure that he or she can handle any kind of installation. They know every circuit in residential homes inside and out, and they understand how important it is to make sure every wire and fixture gets installed correctly.

Improper wiring, outlet, or lighting installation won’t just look bad or fail to function as intended, although those are common problems. It can also elevate the household’s risk of experiencing an electrical fire. No homeowner should take on electrical installations without proper training and safety gear. Call Milestone instead to schedule an appointment with an Electrician who can tackle any project.

The experts at Milestone don’t just provide industry-leading workmanship. Our company has also developed a well-deserved reputation for putting customers first and offering affordable, transparent, and timely service. Each Electrician at Milestone undergoes background checks and drug testing to ensure that he or she is trustworthy enough that any homeowner can feel safe and secure allowing the person into the home. Plus, our professionals are screened carefully to make sure they’ll be able to uphold our company’s commitment to providing both amazing workmanship and amazing customer service.

Lighting Installation Services

One of the most common requests Milestone gets is for help installing new accent lighting or fixtures in newly purchased homes. The right lights, appliances, switches, and outlets installed correctly to homeowners’ specifications can make any house feel more like home.

When buyers work with Milestone, they can rest assured that the newly installed lights, fixtures, and appliances will work as intended without overburdening the circuits or causing safety issues. If necessary, Milestone can even upgrade electrical panels and wiring to accommodate new, more energy-hungry appliances.

Before starting the job, the Electrician will walk his or her customer through every step required to get it done right to ensure transparency. If any issues come up during the installation, the Electrician will alert the homeowner promptly and discuss the problem and potential solutions before moving forward. That way, no customer has to worry about being saddled with an unexpectedly high bill.

Live in an older home and want to bring things up-to-speed? Make sure to hire an expert Electrician to install accent lights, add outlets, or upgrade appliances. All of these jobs require a high level of expertise. Working with electricity can be dangerous even for licensed Electricians, so even homeowners who plan to undertake the bulk of a renovation or remodel themselves should still hire dedicated contractors for lighting installation.

The experts at Milestone know that installing new lights isn’t just about brightening up a room. Electrical installations can also add character and personality to the room. No matter what style homeowners are going for, Milestone can install lights and fixtures that will form a perfect complement to the room’s future decor.

We appreciate the honesty, patience and respect this Marine Corps Veteran brought to our home even our 5 and 3 year olds interacted with Mr Billy well. We will request him should we ever need service...
— Eumeka Hellinger

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Trust the Quality of Milestone

Milestone’s expert Electricians don’t just perform quality work. Our company also emphasizes the importance of providing excellent customer service. From the first time a new customer reaches out to discuss his or her design ideas through the final walkthrough following an electrical installation, homeowners, their families, and their properties will always be treated with the respect they deserve. Milestone guarantees it with our Milestone Guarantee. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the service you have received, you can call our customer care department. A dedicated representative will be available to make things right.

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