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Breaker keeps tripping?
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Farmers Branch’s Best Electricians

Breaker keeps tripping?

Outlet doesn’t work?

We handle all things
electrical for your home!



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Electrical Inspections in Farmer's Branch, Texas

Ensuring Accurate Electricity Flow

Some people can find an electrical inspection to be intimidating. Electrical inspections include having an Electrician come into your home to inspect every outlet, wiring circuit, electrical appliances, and lighting source. The Electrician ensures that each source of energy is used securely and effectively. Many people may not believe that an electrical inspection is necessary; however, if your home is an older one or if you plan to make any electrical improvements, an inspection ensures that all wires and plugs are functioning correctly.

Don’t know who to call for an inspection? The answer is simple: Milestone! We hire only skilled Electricians who have been trained to handle any electrical aspect of your home. When you contact Milestone for an electrical inspection, you can be confident that our Electricians will inspect your smoke detectors, ensure that the circuit sizing is appropriate for all of your home’s major appliances, surge protectors, and ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) and that the energy output is used efficiently and safely


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Preparing for a Home Inspection

Passing an electrical inspection is critical, especially before starting your next project or if you have moved into a new home. Here are a few pointers to assist you in passing your inspection.

  • Inquire with the inspector about what they expect to see and how to avoid potential stumbling blocks
  • No additional outlets or devices should be added to existing circuits
  • Join all of the ground wires in each outlet and electrical box
  • Seal off any holes or penetrations that connect one floor to another or one wiring passage to another. This prevents a fire from using the hole as a chimney or breathing hole.
  • Make use of the correct breaker
  • Repair any gaps in electrical boxes
  • Use wire nuts to secure any exposed wires

Because a house has so many intricate parts, it’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed when contemplating it. Many of these minor components could fail unexpectedly, leaving homeowners without working lights, an air conditioner, or a cooking source. Contacting Milestone can help alleviate these concerns. Our skilled Electricians have thousands of training hours under their belts, ensuring they understand every single electrical component of a home. Concerned about a faulty plug? Is the fire alarm going off too often? Or, how much wattage is too much? Our Electricians will be able to answer these questions and more while also offering advice and guidance. At Milestone, our Electricians are also background checked, and drug tested so that when they come to do an inspection, you and your family can feel safe and secure.

Milestone is There for Our Customers

As previously stated, there are many intricate and moving parts to a home, and Milestone experts do not want our customers to bear the burden. When it comes to electrical problems, our customers are easily overwhelmed, especially if it is their first home or their first experience with one. Not only do our customers need to learn how an electrical panel works, but they also need to know what type of light is best for their energy usage levels.

But don’t worry, Milestone is here to help. Because our Electricians are highly skilled in all aspects of the home, you can give us a call to assist you in walking through an inspection and providing information about the ins and outs of your home. We strive to keep you and your family confident in your decisions, especially when it comes to knowing you are not overpaying for your energy costs. This wealth of knowledge also ensures that you can rely on your lights turning on.

During each electrical inspection, Technicians are required to adhere to a specific list of items for the home to pass safely. Minor fire safety issues will be corrected during most inspections, as will any visible problems such as ungrounded outlets, and switches, panels, and circuits will be tested.

When the inspection is complete, the Technician will write a report and provide our customers with a copy. The information will include any required repairs, suggestions for improving efficiency, and a summary of the inspection. If the house needs repairs, customers may schedule a separate appointment at the end of the assessment. This will help to resolve the issues more quickly.

Justin was thorough, professional and efficient with the servicing of our HVAC units. We had lots of questions, and Justin answered each one of them with both knowledge and patience. His understand...
— Misty Rockwell

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Milestone Electricians in Farmer Branch spend only a small portion of our interaction with customers. However, we refuse to neglect any area of the overall service we provide you. Our customer service agents are well-trained and equipped to offer you the highest level of support and care. Contact Milestone today and schedule an electrical inspection for your home.

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